Meet of Champs

Meet of Champs - CANCELLED DUE to Covid-19


This is the 2-day “super bowl” of our swim season.  All teams send a set number of their fastest swimmers to compete at the Spring Branch Natatorium.  Preliminary races are on Saturday.  Younger swimmers (age 5 – 10) are Saturday morning and older swimmers (11-18) are in the afternoon.  Sunday finals are for the top 8 finishers and alternate in all individual and relays.  Meet of Champs is typically held the last full weekend of June.

If your swimmer is swimming fast and you think they might qualify for MOC, talk to the coach to verify so you can plan ahead.  Many families have planned vacations that were delayed by unexpectedly qualifying for MOC.  This is a neat experience for the swimmers who have worked hard all summer – so please plan ahead!