Swim Team Jobs


Serves as team’s representatives to the MCSL.

Coordinates the efforts of the team’s core volunteer parents.

Has primary responsibility for supervision of the coaching staff.

Is responsible for Garrett Park conforming to MCSL and competitive requirements.

Dave Goldberg, Margaret Conze, Marty Brown -

Summer Stroker Reps/“B” Reps

Works to plan, staff, and execute the Summer Stroker meets (Wednesday nights).

Lisa Strauss, Kelly Oskvig, Heather Bruskin -


  • Collects registration forms and dues.
  • Maintains the roster of parents and contact information.

Patty Hickey -


  • Maintains the team’s books.
  • Handles the team‘s banking.

Sandy Morrison -

Team Wear

Collects and distributes orders for team attire.

Molly Shuck, Natalie Grande, Dianne Hilligoss, Amy Williams -

Friday Afternoon Activities

  • Coordinates with the coaches the Friday afternoon activities for the team.
  • Buys supplies and does any prep work required for the activity.

Ross Tollefson -

Automation Computer Operator

  • Maintains team records.
  • Maintains meet results on the team computer.

Heather Down -

Pre-Team Rep

  • Schedules and organizes the mini meet for the Pre-Team.
  • Serves as contact person for Pre-Team parents.


Food Coordinator

  • Organizes sales of food at home meets.
  • Purchases supplies and works with food sales team during the meet.

A Meet - TBD   B Meet - TBD  -


Maintains team website.

Dawn Harris -

Friday Morning Breakfast

Organizes Friday morning breakfast for the swimmers and coaches.


Bulletin Board

Decorates and updates the swim team bulletin board at the pool.

Monica Faucette -

Officials Chair

  • Works with and mentors swimming officials.
  • Is a liaison with the Team Board and MCSL for all GP certified team officials.

Angie Melton -

Certified Officials

Acts as Stroke & Turn Judges, Starters and Referees.


Banquet and Award Coordinator

  • Schedules and plans the end of season banquet.
  • Purchases team awards.

Vivian Lacroix -

Team Photographers

  • Takes pictures at Saturday and Wednesday meets.
  • Coordinates Team Photo day.

Beth and Andy Morgenstern, Suzanne Stievater, Jen Luce -

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