2018 Swimmer Awards


Recognizes the top point-earners for the team in each age group, with a separate designation of Junior (12 and under) and Senior (13 and over) High Point Girls and Boys.

2018 JUNIOR HIGH POINT GIRL AND BOY:  Sonya Rubin and Jack Garvey    

8 and Under Girls:  Vivienne Dees (1st), Lucy Hur (2nd), Alice Viechnicki (3rd)

8 and Under Boys: Sam Schoch (1st), Matthew Tofilon (2nd), Brendan Smith (3rd)

9-10 Girls:  Summer Smith (1st), Maeve Stillman (2nd), Bridget Drayne (3rd)

9-10 Boys: Miles duLac (1st), A. J. Windt (2nd),  Matteo Rosenfield (3rd)

11-12 Girls:  Sonya Rubin (1st), Lili Miller (2nd), Georgia King (3rd)

11-12 Boys:  Jack Garvey (1st), Jonathan Windt (2nd), Frank Bruckwick (3rd)

2018 SENIOR HIGH POINT GIRL AND BOY:  Molly Benson and Greg McCarthy

13-14 Girls:  Melanie Morford (1st), Morgan Carnell (2nd), Isabel Greenstein (3rd)

13-14 Boys:  Max Bowman (1st), Asher Minkoff (2nd), Ryan Frank (3rd)

15-18 Girls: Molly Benson (1st), Bridget Laas (2nd), Celia Ford (3rd)

15-18 Boys: Gregory McCarthy  (1st ​), Michael Petrizzo (2nd), Sean McCaffrey (3rd)

Glenwood Medals:  These are awarded by the coaches to individual swimmers for demonstrable effort, team spirit, enthusiasm and dedication to improvement throughout the season.  In 2018, Glenwood medals were awarded to:

Kaveesh Bhandari
Emerson Dees
Alex Del Sole
Logan Donnelly
Ruby Farber
Eleanor Greco
Sammy Hermans
Phoebe Hur
Leo Kugel
Jack Loveday
Nick McKenna
Luke Merrill
Sophie Miller
Julian Minkoff
Quin Mulholland
Reagan Mulholland
Maria Petrizzo
Channing Rubin
Chelsea Rubin
Will Schoch
Katrin Schrebler
Will Simpson
Riley Smith
Jackson Vagnucci
Madeleine Zepler​

Most Improved:  Recognizes swimmers who have cumulatively dropped the most time during the course of the season.

8 and Under:  Eve Greer, Tommy Simpson

9-10:  Etta Greco, Jacob Nadelhaft

11-12:  Noelle Greer, Donovan Carnell

13-14:  Sophia Stein, Amedeo Rosenfield

15-18:  Katie Flynn, Philip Berkowitz

Most Dedicated:  Recognizes one junior and one senior swimmer who dedication is measured by attendance, attitude, enthusiasm, encouragement of other swimmers.

Most Dedicated Senior:   Morgan Carnell

Most Dedicated Junior:  Anna Bressler

And finally, the most coveted of the awards, the Karen Hauser and William Slattery awards.   Both are decided exclusively by that year’s coaching staff and are highly valued within the swim team community. 

The Hauser award is conferred on the 12-and-under swimmer who best demonstrates team spirit and dedication.  The Slattery award ("the really big trophy") recognizes the 13-and-over swimmer who exemplifies outstanding character, sportsmanship and effort; s/he is not necessarily a top swimmer. 

2018 Karen Hauser Award: Brianpaul Schwartz

2018 William Slattery Award: Jack Bowman