A Meets

A Meets

Dual, or "A," meets are held each Saturday during the season and usually run from 9-11:30 AM, preceded by warm-ups for each team. These meets are scored and their results are submitted to the MCSL to track division competition as well as individual performances.

There are 50 events in a dual A meet -- you can see the order of events here. Both A meet teams may field up to 6 swimmers from each age group to compete in the individual freestyle events and 3 swimmers for the individual events in backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and the medley. The A meet's concluding "graduated" relays typically take the top freestylers in the 14-and-under age groups from that day and are not usually seeded ahead of time.

Each week the coaching staff evaluates the progress of all the team's swimmers to determine who should swim in the A meets.  The coaches decide who will swim each event based on 1) the individual performance and availability of the team's swimmers, 2) league rules, and 3) prospective scoring match-ups likely to produce the highest point total for the team.  Those decisions are presented collectively in the weekly meet line-up, which is posted at the pool and circulated electronically by noon on Thursday before the meet (and after the preceding Wednesday evening B meet).

If your swimmer is scheduled to swim in an A meet and cannot for whatever reason, please communicate with the coaches ASAP to let them know so they can enter a replacement.

We will be posting line-ups on this site under the News Category on a weekly basis.

A Meet Scoring

There are 46 individual and 4 relay events at an A meet, with a total possible 788 points scoreable in the meet.  Points are awarded to each team for legal finishes as follows, with ties (exact duplicate times recorded by 2 swimmers/relay teams in the same event) splitting combined point totals for placement finishes and then skipping to the next place (eg., two swimmers who tie for first split the points for first and second combined, and the next swimmer is awarded points for third place):

Individual events:

First Place:  6 points

Second Place:  4 points

Third Place:  3 points

Fourth Place: 2 points

Fifth Place:  1 point

Relay Events:

Open Medley Relay:  8 points for First Place, 4 points for Second Place, 2 points for Third Place

Graduated Freestyle Relay:  8 Points for First Place, 4 Points for Second Place, 2 points for Third Place