B Meets

REVISED May 2019

We swim B meets on Wednesday evenings, typically with teams that are geographically close to Glenwood rather than within our current division. B Meets usually begin at 6:00 PM with warm-ups beforehand and end between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM, depending on how many swimmers each team has. Sometimes a start time will be earlier to accommodate two large teams -- check announcements for warm-up and meet start times.

Team scores are not kept in B Meets, nor do we swim relay events. There are 46 events in a dual B meet, and you can find the order of events here. Keep in mind that with a large team like ours, there will often be several heats of an event to accommodate all the swimmers, especially for the youngest age groups and the first half events of freestyle and backstroke.

Glenwood's policy is that swimmers who did not swim, or swam only one event, the previous Saturday may swim on Wednesday.  No swimmer will swim the same event in a Saturday-Wedneday sequence, but they may qualify for a subseqent Saturday event based on a time posted in the previous Wednesday (ie., swim the same event Wednesday and the following Saturday).  

For Wednesday meets, the coaches will have a preliminary line-up ready for practice on the preceding Monday.  As with A meets, we encourage families to indicate their availability for any meet well in advance of the meet so that the coaches can seed the line-up appropriately and ensure that everyone who wants to swim will.   Last-minute, or deck, entries/changes are strongly discouraged -- they create more work for meet officials, distract the coaches, and interrupt the flow of the meet. Please let us know when your child wants to swim by declaring availability, and have your swimmer tell the coaches which events s/he wants to swim.