How to Sign Up

REVISED June 2021

We hope to have Job sign-ups open at 8:30 PM on Monday, June 7 for all registered and paid swim families. Our formula is a simple one: if you have one swimmer on the team, you need to do 3 jobs during the season; two swimmers requires four jobs, and three or more swimmers requires 5 jobs.

If you only have kids on pre-team, you do not need to sign up for jobs.

If you cannot make this commitment, please select another activity for your family this summer. We simply can't operate without minimal participation from every family.  The job commitment is a commitment all swim team families must make, regardless of whether or not they plan to attend the banquet. Families who don't complete their jobs by season's end may not purchase tickets for themselves or their swimmers to attend the team's end-of-season celebration. We recognize that life gets complicated and want to help you help us, so reach out if there's a problem and we'll work with you.

INSTRUCTIONS -- Please read carefully before you begin

1.  You must be signed into your account before you can sign up for jobs.

2.  Once signed in, click on the Parent Job Sign Up button to view the events that have jobs associated with them.  They are organized chronologically and are either swim meets or other team events.

3.  Click on each event to see the list of jobs available.

4.  Put a check next to the job that you want to sign up up for and click the Sign Up button.  You will then be signed up for that job. You can also list who will be doing the job. 

Don't pay attention to "points" -- we don't use them. Please be sure that you have signed up for at least 3 jobs if you have one swimmer, 4 jobs if you have two swimmers, and 5 jobs if you have three or more swimmers.  You can, of course, do as many as you like -- and we are so grateful to the many who go above and beyond the minimum when that works for you.

5.  Once you have signed up for one job, go back to the "Meets and Other Team Events" page by hitting "home" and then the "Parent Job Sign Up" button near the photos.  Then you can go to the next event and pick something else.


How to Verify Your Job Sign-Ups for the Season:

1)  Make sure you are logged in.

2)  Go to "Meets and Other Team Events" and click "more."

3)  Click on the tab titled "Reports."

4)  Click on "Job Sign Up for My Account."

5)  Enter the date range (June 12 through July 27 will cover all the jobs in the system), then click "search."

6)  All your jobs should appear for your review.

We will send you email reminders before every event for which you volunteer. If you cannot make it to your job, please find a substitute, either within your family or among your contacts on the team, and email the reps to let us know of your substitute. After registration closes, we will produce a team directory so that you can contact others directly to arrange substitutes for jobs you can't make.