Meet Availability

REVISED May 2017

I Declare I'm There for that Meet!

Following are instructions for you to indicate your swimmer's availability, or "declare" for every meet this season.  If you know now that your family/swimmer will be away for certain meet dates, it helps to let the coaches know so that they plan the line-ups accordingly.  Please think of this as a scheduling advisory to the coaches, not securing a place in the line-up.  We can't give a Saturday A meet spot to every swimmer.  At the same time, we want to be sure to include every eligible swimmer for B meets.  So here's how to go about it.

1.  Log in to your account.

2.  Go the "Meet Attendance" button on the home page and click.

3.  You will get the window of meets and events in chronological order.  Each meet will have a tab that says "Attend/Decline" -- click that.

4. This brings you to the "Athlete Sign-Up" tab of Event Sign Up.  You'll see your swimmer's name(s) below.  Click on his/her name.

5.  This brings you to the "Declaration" page and a "Select" drop-down menu.  Yes means your swimmer is available to swim, no means your swimmer can't attend.  Choose one AND click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

6.  You'll be returned to the Athlete Sign-Up page again & should see your swimmer recorded as "Committed" or "Uncommitted."  Uncommitted, in this case, means NOT attending.  If your swimmer is recorded as "Undeclared," you haven't indicated whether your swimmer is attending or not.

7.  If you have more kids to "declare," go back to step 4 and repeat until you're out of kidssmiley.  Congratulations -- you've declared for one meet.

8.  When you are finished for THAT event, go back to the home page and repeat the process from Step 2, above.  Please try to do this for each meet of the season.

9.  Obviously this system is great for planned absences, not so much for emergencies.  If your child is scheduled to swim an A meet and your plans have changed at the last minute (36-48 hours before the meet starts), email Assistant Coach Kelly Butler at