SignUp Status Report

This is where we will post weekly updates on family job sign-ups and completions.  Please look for your family's account to verify that your job commitments and completions are accurately recorded here.   Subsequent updates will be posted on Monday or Tuesday evenings.

Some jobs/sign-ups are listed at the very end of the report -- officials, sportswear, special projects, etc. If your name is not listed anywhere in this report, that means you have not signed up for ANY jobs or contacted the reps to arrange an assignment.  If we have missed one of your jobs, we are human. Just email us and we'll get it corrected in the next update.

Remember that your family or swimmer may not attend the end-of-season banquet if you have not done your family volunteer commitment. If you have difficulties finding jobs, please email Roland Schrebler and let him know. Preferably well before the last week of the season.