How To Register


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   REVISED May 2021





When? Starting May 11, 2021 for returning swimmers; After Screening on June 1 for new swimmers and Pre-Team swimmers. 


Who? Glenwood Pool Members whose dues are paid in full for 2021. Swimmers must be at least 5 years old by June 1, 2021.

If you are returning & remember your sign-in email and password, sign in first at the "Sign In" prompt on the upper left hand side of the home page. You must use the same email address with which you created your account originally; if you need to, you can reset your password.  If you are new, you will create an account when you register.  If you need to update your email address, please contact Traci Vagnucci at [email protected].  Please do not change your email address by creating a new account-this creates duplications in our system.

(Note: if you need to change your existing credit card information, you will need to make the change prior to clicking the registration button.  Go to "My Account".  Choose the "Payment Setup" tab under your name. Click "Remove" to delete your old account.  You can then go to registration and enter your new credit card information when prompted.) 

 From the Swim Team home page, click the “Swim Team Registration” button.


 * Page One:  Read the “Important Things to Know Before You Start,” then click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.


* Page Two:  

Returning Families: You only need to verify your information is still correct.  See above note regarding changes to your login email. If you are returning and adding a new swimmer, please wait to register all your kids until after your newest swimmer has been screened.


New Families: This is where you set up your main access account, called a “billing account.” Please make sure the account is in the name of the parent most likely to manage family participation in swim team activities and verify the email to be used to contact that parent. You may include other parents’ or swimmers’ emails as additional contacts if desired.   Remember that you should not set up a new account unless your child has been screened.  PLEASE make sure you complete the entire page, especially emergency contact information; the insurance information is optional.    


* Page Three:

Returning Families: This is where you will register your swimmers. If you have returning swimmers, you should see their names. Click on your child's names one at a time, and review the information to be sure it is accurate.  The Physician/Medical information is optional. When you see the prompt "*Register to this Group", click on "Select" and then click "Glenwood Swim Team" to register him/her.  Repeat for as many returning children as you have.


Once any new children have been screened, you can register them by clicking on "Add New Member" and completing their personal information. Please wait to register until after your newest swimmer has been screened and assigned to the team.


After registering your kids, you will need to read and acknowledge the medical release and liability waivers and the parental involvement notice.


New Families:  Once you have set up your main billing account name and email contact, you can then add your children to the team.  Please click the “Add New Member” button under “New Members Added to Register.” Complete their registration and read and sign the waivers.


 * Page Four:  Review your Invoice.  Once you have registered your swimmers and signed the waivers, you will proceed to the invoice summary page.  Please pay by credit card.


* Page Five: Enter your Credit Card Information for Payment. This will authorize Glenwood Swim Team to bill your credit card for team registration. We absorb the credit card fees associated with this transaction, which is conducted through a secure, third-party site. You will receive an email acknowledging your authorization of payment once your registration has been successfully completed.


It will take a few days before your account is activated -- unfortunately, we have to do this part manually once we verify that 1) your pool membership is valid and 2) your credit card has released the funds. So don't panic if things don't work right away -- we'll have you all set for parent job sign-ups.