Volunteer Commitment

Parent Participation Code-Volunteer Commitment

The following Parent Participation Code is in effect throughout the season.


Team Parents

As all returning Kingfish parents know (and new parents will find out), it takes a tremendous number of volunteers to put on a swim meet. Swim meets normally require up to 50 adults to handle all of the roles of timekeepers, officials, and concessions. To ensure that we have adequate coverage for every meet, a parent should plan on volunteering for any meet in which their child is participating.  This does not mean you will have to work every meet, but if your child is swimming either in an A or B meet, please check the sign-up on the website and sign-up in any open spot available.   Positions are open until 8:00 pm the night before the event.  Other than "Official" spots for which you must be certified, everything else is easy to do and can be learned in a few minutes.

Time Trials

All parents are expected to volunteer at the Kingfish Time Trials.  This is our first meet of the year.  The whole team participates so the kids can get their starting/qualifying times.   This meet requires more volunteers since there is no opposing team to share the workload.  Time Trials is a great time to try new volunteer roles and to meet other Kingfish parents.

If your child is on the Pre Team, we request that the parents volunteer at 1 Kingfish home meetPre Team swimmers are part of the team and are eligible to attend all team activities. When Pre Team swimmers move up to the team parent volunteer commitment increase to that of the swim team.

At the beginning of the year after registration is complete we will confirm the number of families we have and we will post the number of hours/credits per family that will allow us to cover all our meets in an equitable and fair manner. 

If everyone does their share there should be no disparity in volunteering times. 

It takes every family doing their share to ensure a great summer swim season for all. Last year parents volunteered for an average of 5 meets at 4 credits per meet for a total of 20 credits for the season.