Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities: 

Volunteers - A Critical Part of Summer Swimming

Meet Officials:

Referee (MCSL Training Required) - The Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the meet and has full authority over all officials, assigning and instructing them. The referee must be thoroughly familiar with all applicable USS rules and MCSL rules, all meet procedures and duties of all officials.

Stroke and Turn Judges(MCSL Training Required) - Stroke and Turn Judges determine whether the swimmers perform their strokes and turns in accordance with the prescribed rules of MCSL. Two Stroke and Turn Judges are required at each swim meet.

Starter(MCSL Training Required) - The Starter has complete control over the swimmers from the time the Referee signals the start of the race until after a fair start has been achieved. He/She calls the swimmers to their starting positions and to "take their mark" and indicates if any false starts have occurred. We need a Starter for every Home Meet.

Head Timer - While you do not have to be certified, it is recommended that you have been a timer several times before signing up for this position. The Head Timer makes sure all timers are in place and ready for each heat, communicates with the Head Judge and acts as 3rd timer when a timer's watch malfunctions. Head Timer works the entire meet. We need a Head Timer for our Saturday and Wednesday meets, and our two Relay Carnivals.

Timers - 3 timers per lane are required for all meets (9 from each team). A stopwatch is provided and you are trained before the meet begins. Standing for long periods is required. Please bear in mind that Wednesday night meets are more relaxed, but they usually go until about 9 p.m. Please do not sign up for that slot unless you are able to stay for the whole meet (or find someone to relieve you).

Clerk of Course - All swimmers report to the Clerk of Course for their event. The Clerk(s) of Course organizes the swimmers according to lane assignments and makes sure they have their time cards to be given to timers. He/She arranges with the Announcer to call the events with adequate time intervals. The Clerk of Course also records "scratched" swimmers. 

Assistant Clerk of Course - The Assistant Clerk of Course will help assign children to lanes and monitor the children's whereabouts.

Runner - The runner collects the time sheets/cards from the timers and turns them in to the computer operators. A runner also passes out the time sheets/cards to the timers. We can ask swimmers to help with this, but we need an adult to keep track of them!

Announcer - (Experience helpful) This person announces all the events for the meet as well as all check-ins to the Clerk of Course. Works closely with the Starter to keep the meet running.  Home meets only.


Computer Operator - The Computer Operator(s) input all times into the computer after each event. They record disqualification and print out results on paper and for placement on ribbons.

Ribbon Writers - (Experience helpful) Ribbon Writers will attach "Placement" stickers for each event onto the ribbons during the meet. They are also responsible for sorting and organizing the ribbons as they are generated.

Concessions Helpers

Refreshments/Hospitality - Volunteers help layout and prepare food and snacks for the meet, collect money for purchases, sell programs, and help clean up the snack bar area at the end of the meet.