Volunteer Jobs


In order for the team to run smoothly, parents are required to help with meets and social events.  Many hands make the load light so please recognize that you play an essential role in making things work.  Volunteering for swim team duties is not only a responsibility as a swim team parent, but is also a great way to show support for your children and to get to know other Stingray families.   

If your child is swimming a A meet, it is expected that at least one parent will help at that meet.  It is also expected that all parents will help with at least one B meet, with Time Trials, Relay Carnival, and participate in at least one other volunteer effort (i.e.,  serve at the Friday Pasta dinners, help with the End-of-Season Banquet, etc.).  Any assistance you can provide is needed and appreciated.   

Volunteering at Meets

To run a meet the following volunteers are needed:

  • 1 head timer for home meets
  • 1 assistant head timer for away meets
  • 9 timers for home and away meets
  • 1 MCSL-certified starter for away meets
  • 2 MCSL-certified stroke and turn officials for home and away meets
  • 1 MCSL-certified referee for home meets
  • 1 Automation operator for home meets
  • 2 automation assistants/verifiers for home meets and 1 automation assistant for away meets
  • 1 ribbon writer for home and away meets
  • 1 announcer for home meets
  • 1 runner for home meets
  • 1 head clerk of course for home meets
  • 1 assistant clerk of course for away meets
  • 1 hospitality volunteer for each home meet. 

Team reps cannot run the meets without a full complement of volunteers.  To volunteer to help with the meets, sign in on the team website, click on the tab for “Meets/Events,” scroll down to the meet, click on “Job Signup” and sign up for the job you want to do.

Get Certified

All parents are encouraged to take the next step in volunteering and become certified through MCSL to become a stroke and turn judge, referee or starter.  The Stingrays need to build their corps of certified officials.  It is unfair to place the entire obligation of filling these positions on just a few parents.  MCSL offers the following training sessions every year:

  • Referee
  • Starter
  • Stroke & Turn

Please note that referees must be certified as both stroke and turn judges and as referees.

Train as an Automation Operator

The Stingrays need Automation operators who can staff the B meets.  MCSL runs Automation training each Spring. Plus, our ace Automation operators John Mitchell will help train you.  This is an essential job that must be filled in order to run the meets.  If you are willing to be trained and help with the B meets, please contact the A reps. 

Volunteering for Social Activities

Like the meets, the social activities need the help of many parents to run smoothly.  We ask each parent to volunteer for at least one social activity per season.  Please consider volunteering to make food and serve food at a Pasta dinner or help with the End-of-Season Banquet.  The kids really enjoy these team-building activities and they make the season fun for swimmers and parents alike.