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One Big Team - Two Swim Meets

This season I would like to have that Big Team feel even more evident...So i encourage that all Marlins attend all Home meets regardless of whether or not they are swimming. I think its great to see swimmers being cheered on by a huge group of people. So if you are around Wednesday or Saturday come down to the pool and cheer on the swimmers.

1. Saturday Morning "A" Meet Swimmers

Three swimmers compete in each event on Saturday morning.  Usually the fastest three swimmers of each event compete; however, it is at the discretion of the coach to choose the swimmers based on a variety of factors including other events entered, attendance at practice, and effort put forth by the swimmer, as well as times. Times are evaluated every week to give each swimmer an opportunity to demonstrate improvement and compete in "A" meets.  For ages 12 and under, six freestyle swimmers will compete.

2. Wednesday Night "B" Meet Swimmers
Every swimmer can swim as many events as they want, as long as they are eligible.  Eligibility rules are:
1.    Any swimmer who swims three events or more in an A meet will only be allowed to swim Wednesday in an exhibition capacity.
a.    Any swimmer who usually swims in an A meet but misses an A meet for personal reasons (illness, vacation, etc.) will be eligible at the coaches discretion for the following B meet.
b.    A swimmer who swims in an A meet will not be eligible to swim the same events in the following B meet (off strokes only).
2.    In B meets as in A meets, a swimmer is expected to be legal in the stroke before being entered in an event. If you are not sure whether your child is legal, please ask the coach.
3.    If the first B meet precedes the first A meet, the first B meet will not be used for qualification times.
4.    "Swim-ups" will be permitted in B meets at the coaches discretion when it is necessary to fill positions in the Freestyle Relay.  These swimmers must be eligible to swim in the B meet.

Arrival Times for meets should be no less than 15min prior to the start of warm ups.


Scoring for Meets

Wednesday and Saturday Dual Meets
·    Are competitions between 2 teams in the Division
·    Include Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Individual Medley, and Relays
·    Have about 50 events and typically last 2 to 3 hours, with Wednesday nights being longer
·    Award ribbons for the top 6 swimmers on Saturdays, top 8 on Wednesdays

In individual events scoring is as follows:
1st place    6 points    4th place    2 points
2nd place    4 points    5th place    1 point
3rd place    3 points    6th place    0 points

In events having more than one heat, results of all heats are combined to determine points and awards.

Relay Events are scored differently!
·    Open Age Medley Relay
    1st place    8 points
    2nd place    4 points

·    Graduated Freestyle Relay (notice this event has changed from 150 meters to 175 meters, 9-10 = 2 lengths; 11-12 = 2 lengths, 13-14= 2 lengths and 8 & U = 1 length)
    1st place    8 points
    2nd place    4 points
    3rd place    2 points
    4th place    0 points
A Relay Carnival -
A Relay Carnivals which consist of 4 person (girls, boys and mixed) teams, swimming a variety of relay races.  Scoring at a Relay Carnival is as follows:
1st place    14 points    4th place    6 points
2nd place    10 points    5th place    4 point
3rd place    8 points    6th place    2 points

Division Championship Meet
Each of the six teams in Division J may enter two swimmers in each event.  The meet will follow a standard Saturday meet format, with two heats of each individual event.  Swimmers will be placed in order of times.  Scoring for individual events is as follows:
1st place    16 points    7th place    7 points
2nd place    13 points    8th place    5 point
3rd place    12 points    9th place    4 points
4th place    11 points    10th place    3 points
5th place    10 points    11th place    2 point
6th place    9 points    12th place    1 points

Scoring for relay events at the Divisional Meet:
1st place    28 points    4th place    12 points
2nd place    20 points    5th place    8 point
    3rd place            16 points            6th place    4 points