We Rock the Loch!

Welcome to the home of the Inverness Recreation Club Nessies, the Monsters of the Deep End. 

Every Summer, kids from 3 to 18 converge at the pool to take part in the most fun community-building activity there is.  The Nessies compete in the Montgomery County Swim League, a collection of local pools that have run meets for more than 50 years.  The MCSL has proven to be an excellent way for kids to get great exercise, build discipline, improve water skills, learn the value of competition and team-building, and have the best time while doing it all!  Can you think of any other sport in which 18 year old college students are cheering for their 6 year old teammates, and vice versa?  It’s a wonderful way for families new to the area to meet their neighbors, and for the kids to become involved in their community.  So drop by the pool this summer and check out the Nessies team.  Form some new friendships or renew some old ones.  There’s always a meet, or a pep rally, or a social event right around the corner.  Come find out what it’s like to be a SEA MONSTER!


2014 Nessies - Division H Champions



For the A Reps (parent managers) email arep@nessies.org