Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Volunteer Meet Officials: The positions listed below outline the officials required for each meet, some of which require extensive experience and training, and others that require virtually no prior knowledge of swimming whatsoever. Our team coordinator for volunteer officials is Mike Larson.  Please contact the board for more information.  [email protected]


  • Referee (1): The head honcho & final word on all rules at a meet.
  • Starter (1): Signals the swimmers to start each race.
  • Stroke & Turn Judges (4): Verify that all swimmers perform the strokes as required by MCSL rules. Disqualify swimmers who break the rules.
  • Timers (18): Use stop watches to record the times of each racer (3 per lane).
  • Computer Representatives (2): Do data entry of meet results.
  • Runners (2): Collects time cards and disqualification cards and delivers them to the computer representatives.
  • Clerk of Course (2): Lines up the kids & makes sure they make it to their races!
  • Ribbon Writers (2): Prepare award prizes for swimmers at each meet.
  • Announcer (1): Announces events via loudspeaker for all present at the pool.

Stroke & Turn Judge, Starter or Referee: If you are interested in one of these positions, MCSL has a great training program for you. They sponsor various clinics in late May and early June.

Dates and Clinic Locations: More information about the clinics, including directions to the host pools, can be found at the MCSL's Website,

If you have an interest in one of these jobs, contact Lionel and he will keep in touch with you about the clinics. Becoming a Stroke & Turn judge is very rewarding, as you will learn the subtleties of each stroke and gain a greater understanding of what your child is expected to do in the pool. Knowing the rules will enhance your enjoyment of watching the meets.

Timers: Becoming a Timer is almost as simple as it sounds. You need to start and stop a watch when the race begins and when the swimmer in your lane touches the wall. There are a few nuances (position on the deck, when to start the watch, etc.) that you need to learn, but all in all this is a pretty basic job. That said, recording accurate times for our kids is one of the most important things we do at a meet, so we value our timers highly! Even if you've never been to a swim meet, come to the Time Trial and learn to be a timer - you get a great view of the met and you will be surprised at how caught up in the excitement you will become!

Clerk of Course, Ribbon Writing & Computer Rep.: These are all jobs that are best learned from experienced volunteers currently serving in those roles. If you would like to shadow any of these jobs to get some on-the-job training, please contact [email protected].  Clerk of Course and Ribbon Writing require patience and the ability to maintain order. Computer Representative requires a high level of comfort in a Microsoft Windows and database operation environment.

Can't stay for the whole meet?: Even if you are not available for an entire meet (have to work late, need to drop off another child at a different event) it is always helpful to have an extra set of hands around - maybe you can relieve a timer who has to leave after the 1st half of a meet, or be a runner for a while if someone has to take a break. You don't have to work at every meet, but if you're available, sign up when you can. If we all work at two or three meets, we'll never be short of volunteers!

Concession Stand: If you are interested in helping out at the concession stand, please contact [email protected].  Whether it's for one meet or for every meet, your willingness to volunteer is appreciated!

Work with the Board: The Screamin' Geese are governed by a Board of elected officials. Most positions are elected annually at the end of the swim season and nominations are always welcome.  In addition, the Board has the authority to assign additional non-elected discretionary Board members to handle specific tasks and activities such as fund-raising, concessions, spirit activities, etc. So if you have energy, special skills, and an interest in helping, please let the Board know what you are interested in helping with. Maybe next year you'll consider running for an elected position!