Gators Swim Team
1.      Swimmers’ family must reside in the Potomac Glen Community and be current in their HOA dues.  Swimmer must have a pool pass.
2.      A swimmer’s age group will be determined by the age s/he is on June 1. If a swimmer turns 11 on or before June 1, he will swim 11/12. If the eleventh birth date is June 2 or later, the swimmer will swim as a 9/10.
3.      By Time Trials, swimmers must be able to jump in and swim the full length of the pool without stopping in under a minute.
4.      Fastest times and meet eligibility requirements will determine who swims in A meets, Relay Carnival and Divisionals. A swimmer is allowed a maximum of 5 events, with no more than three being individual stroke events.  
5.      Swimmers may sign up to swim any stroke they want in a B meet so long as they did not score (1st through 5th place) in that event in the previous A meet. Swimmers may only sign up for a maximum of 3 individual strokes and the IM.
6.      Swimmers should be legal in any stroke they sign up for. The coaches decide who swims in the relays.
7.      As a prerequisite to registering a swimmer, parents must volunteer at least 5 times for any of PGL Swim Team activities (e.g. A or B meets, or Banquet).
8.      To be eligible for any swim meet, each swimmer must have attended at least 2 events, on separate days, in the 7 days preceding the meet. However, every effort will be made to fill lanes in each meet. Swimmers who might have been excluded from a meet because of not meeting the practice requirements might be entered into a meet for the purpose of filling lanes. If this happens, prioritization will be based on fastest times. The exception to this rule would be if a swimmer is attending a sleep-away, USA Swimming sanctioned swim camp.
9.      Refund policy: ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be given unless there is a serious and newly-occurring medical condition which arises prior to Time Trials. If that should occur, it is the responsibility of the parent to request a refund via e-mail to [email protected]