For Parents


Practice Particulars
1.      Put your name on your goggles, caps, swimsuits and clothing to avoid losing them. Swim meets and afternoon practices are very crowded.
2.      Please address all questions to the coaches in writing and present them either before or after swim practices. This enables the coaches to concentrate fully upon the swimmers already in the water.
3.      If the number of swimmers warrants and by Coaches’ invitation only, some of the younger, more advanced swimmers may be invited to swim with an older age group practice. If you would like to swim in an older practice, please talk to Coach about a tryout.
4.      Behavior at practices and at meets will show concern for safety and good sportsmanship. With the exception of supervised diving, all Potomac Glen pool rules will apply. The coaches have the right to remove disruptive swimmers from practices and/or meets.
Meet Particulars
1.      Swimmers must check in with the coaches at least one hour before the start of a meet so they can participate in warm-ups and the coaches will know they are there.
2.      Swimmers must indicate for each meet by going to that meet under Events, clicking on “Attend this meet” and then clicking on each swimmer and then indicating “No, I will not attend this meet” if they are unable to compete. (This is the replacement for the “No Show “ sheets.) The deadline for this is midnight Wednesday before the meet Relay Carnivals And Divisionals will have early deadlines. Any swimmer not signed out of the meet, will be assumed to be there!  If a swimmer is scheduled to swim and doesn’t show up without notifying the coaches or the Rep before Friday morning practice, they will not be entered in the next two meets.  If your child is sick (like throwing up or running a fever) the morning of a meet, call the rep or coach to let them know. We can only substitute for 3 swimmers in an A meet, so it is imperative we know who will be there.


3.      Parents who have volunteered to work the meet must check in with A Rep for Saturday A meets or  B meet Rep HaiXia Du at 610-563-1028 for Wednesday B meets 60 minutes before the meet starts.       If a parent volunteer is a no-show, his/her children will also be treated as no-shows and not be allowed to swim the next 2 meets .      If a parent arranges for a substitute to work the meet, they must let the appropriate rep know who will be working for them. Swimmers at least 12 years of age may serve as substitutes but are allowed to swim in no more than one event in that meet.
4.      The coaches prefer that all swimmers remain until the end of the meet because we swim as a team and, therefore, win or lose as a team. If a swimmer must leave a meet early, be sure to notify the coach well ahead of time.
5.      Timers, officials and runners should turn off cell phones. If you must take a call, put the phone on vibrate. Ringing cell phones can cause false starts or distract timers and judges.
6.      Parents should volunteer for 5 meets. Please do not have younger siblings “helping” you.
7.      It is important that all swimmers remain in the team area when they are not swimming. If they must leave the team area, swimmers should tell the coaches where they are going, and should return as soon as possible.
8.      At the meets, swimmers are expected to participate in all swim team warm-up and stretching activities. Each swimmer should continue to stretch on his/her own throughout the meet.
9.      Each swimmer should bring a water bottle to every meet, and should constantly be drinking water. Studies show, even a small amount of dehydration can result in a large potential energy loss. Remember, by the time a swimmer gets thirsty, he/she is already dehydrated.Before and during swim meets, swimmers should avoid foods high in fat and simple sugars like doughnuts and candy. Instead, snack on fruits, vegetables, juices and bread. These foods help to better maintain good energy levels throughout the hours of a meet.
10.    Swimmers should always bring extra clothing to each swim meet. During the day, the sun dehydrates unprotected skin and evening air can be cold. T-shirts, hats, sweatpants, and sweatshirts are usually sufficient. Also, be sure to bring an extra towel to each meet.
11.    A swimmer participates in at least 2 meets he/she will get a trophy at end of season.
Miscellaneous Information
1.      Swimmers are not required to wear a team suit, or even a “speedo” or jammers. It is strongly suggested that girls wear one-piece suits. Everyone with long hair is required to wear a cap and all would probably be more comfortable with swim goggles.
2.      Each swimmer has an envelope in the swim team ribbon box that is kept near the front desk. We put ribbons in these envelopes. Check and empty  your envelope regularly!
3.      Check the website regularly for details on team outings to the movies or things like that.    Parents must provide their own transportation/carpools and chaperones for these outings.
4.      Swimmers and parents are actively encouraged to track personal best times over the course of the season.
Attention New Swim Team Parents
1.      Ask your swimmers their times, but remember everyone can have an off day. It’s simple-- your job is to love them, not coach them.
2.       It is very helpful to write your child’s event name, event number, heat and lane on his/her hand in ink before the meet.
3.      Find the team area as soon as you get to a meet and have your child check in. They should stay in the team area during the meet. You are always welcome to be with them in the team area (unless of course you are working the meet!)
4.      For your own comfort level, identify the clerk of course area so you can see if your child is there or on his way before his event. Swimmers should be called to the clerk of course 2 events prior to their own. Once your child is there, they should sit where they are told to sit.