A Meet Sign Up

It is very important for the coach to know whether swimmers will be unable to swim in a meet. 

In an A meet, we can only replace three swimmers who scratch from the meet. Any additional No Shows, and we have empty lanes and others on the team are deprived of a chance to swim in the meet. 

If your child is entered into the meet and he/she does not show up, he/she will not be allowed to swim in the next two meets.

********FOR 2019*********

All swimmers have been automatically committed to attend all meets and time trials for the season.  Therefore, if your child is unable to swim in A meet you must remove your swimmer from the meet by midnight on the "Wednesday" prior to the meet.  To do so you must login to your account, select the appropriate Meet on the Events page, select the name of your child who will be unable to attend a meet and then change the Declaration box from “Yes, please sign [name of child] up for this event” to “No thanks, [name of child] will NOT attend this event.”  Be sure to Save Changes.  As in previous years, Coach Andrew will choose the events your child will swim in all Saturday A meets.

If something comes up after Wednesday, notify the head coach Andrew Tollefson by e-mail at [email protected]. He can make changes without penalty up until Friday morning, but it is much better for the team if he does not have to make last minute changes.

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