Team Policies



Team Member Responsibilities 

  • Regularly attend practices for the appropriate age group
  • Be on time for all practices
  • You must sign up for the Wednesday evening B meets no later than the end of the Monday evening practice before the meet
  • Ask for-and-follow the coaches’ advice about the events you should swim in B meets
  • Swimmers must be legal in the stroke they wish to swim at the B meet.  If they are not close to being legal they will not be able to swim that event.
  • Notify the coaches by Wednesday evening if you are unavailable to swim in the upcoming Saturday morning A meet
  • Check your family folder at the desk on a regular basis, and stay informed about upcoming team events, and pick-up your ribbons
  • Be on time for warm-ups at swim meets
  • Remain in the team area during the meet so you will not miss your events and the coaches can find you when needed
  • Remember to check with the coaches after you swim an event to get their feedback
  • Remember that we are a team and we must all do our part to be well behaved as hosts at our pool and when we are guests at another pool
  • Remember to always display very high standards of sportsmanship throughout the summer swim season
  • Fully participate in team spirit activities including dressing up for the theme of the week
  • Remember to always cheer for your team mates

Parent Responsibilities

  • Volunteer at least the minimum time--required for the season: a minimum of three (3) meets if you have one swimmer, and one (1) additional meet for each additional swimmer on the team. See, the “Meet Volunteer Requirements” tab for more information. Coaches will speak with you if you fail to make this requirement.
  • Be familiar with the swim team calendar, which includes the practice schedule, meet schedule, and social activities.
  • Notify the coaches if your child(ren) are unavailable to swim in an upcoming Saturday A meet by Wednesday evening
  • Make sure to check online by Thursday evening to see of your child is swimming on Saturday morning
  • Make sure your swimmers are at the pool for the appropriate practices and prior to the warm up time for the swim meets in which they are competing
  • Inform coaches, as early as possible, if your swimmer is unavailable to attend an event for which the swimmer is already committed.  It is very difficult for the coaches to add swimmers at the last minute to replace those that haven't shown up 
  • Stay informed--regularly check the team webpage, the family folder adjacent to the guard’s desk, the whiteboard across from the guard desk, and swim team emails
  • Pick up your swimmer’s ribbons from your folder weekly
  • Stay informed about last minute changes or urgent updates sent via text message.  Please provide cell numbers when registering so that coaches are able to advise you and your swimmer.
  • Help your swimmer(s) participate in weekly team spirit activities.  This builds team character and support.
  • Please do not talk with your child(ren) during practice as this distracts from the coaches instructional time
  • Do not interrupt the coaches during practices; save any questions or comments you have by leaving a note in the coaches’ folder(s), or by sending the coaches an email
  • If you know at the beginning of the summer that your child will be away due to camp, vacation etc., whether your child swims in MCSL/A or PASL, please give a written note with the dates of absence to the coaches so that they can make sure to plan for substitutes accordingly.


As in any organized sport, the decision as to who will participate in a particular event or meet rests with the coaches.  The coaches will make their decisions based on their expectation as to the best possible outcome for the team.  The coaches have the right to disallow any swimmer from participating for misbehavior.