MCSL consists of 17 divisions, with each division having six teams that compete against each other.  The fastest teams are seated each year in the division based on the previous summer’s record.  The placements are the "A" division through the "O" division.  This year, Potomac is in the "E" division.

Generally, swimmers in the MCSL meets are the three (or for freestyle the top six) fastest swimmers in each event (i.e., each stroke, age group and gender).  Five dual meets (one team against another) will be held on Saturday mornings.  A Division Championship meet will be held on July 22. Two swimmers in each event participate in the Division Championship.  There will also be an A Relay Carnival (date TBD) with teams from each of the six teams in Division G.

MCSL/Sat morning A Meets

Important Information:

--See the calendar for dates & check the webpage during the season for further information or changes in the schedule. 

--All MCSL/A meets start at 9 a.m. on Saturdays.

--For A meets held at Potomac, swimmers are expected to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m.  Officials must arrive by 8:15 a.m. 

--For away A meets, swimmers and officials are strongly encouraged to meet at Potomac in the parking lot at 7:30 a.m., whereupon everyone drives to the away pool. By meeting together at the pool, it is possible for the coaches to determine who is missing from the designated line-up and contact alternates in time for them to participate at the meet. Upon arriving at the "away" pool, all Potomac swimmers meet outside the clubhouse so they can enter as a team. 

--Saturday meets last approximately 2 1/2 hours, and away meets are followed by a team lunch at a location announced by the coaches during the meet.  (Home meets are generally followed by a lunch at Potomac, organized by parent volunteers.)

General information about MCSL/A meets

A swimmer in a MCSL/A meet may participate in only five events each Saturday, and may not swim in more than three individual strokes.  The maximum combination may include one of the following:

- 3 individual strokes, 1 Individual Medley and 1 relay

- 2 individual strokes, 1 Individual Medley and 2 relays

-  3 individual strokes and 2 relays

The coaches will select which events a swimmer will swim and who will swim in the relays. On a team such as ours, these assignments are based on a balance of the objective (who's fastest), the subjective (who's most ready), and the reality (who's available).  All decisions are made by the PTSC swim coaches and are final.

Swimmers participate in events according to their age on June 1st.  Therefore, if a swimmer turns eleven on June 2, he/she will swim in the 9-10 age group for the entire season.   

In addition to the team competition, particularly strong swimmers may have the opportunity to participate in MCSL countywide competitions, which include the following:

-   Coaches Long Course:  This meet is for the eight fastest swimmers in each event in the entire MCSL and is swum in a Long Course (50 meter) pool, with all events twice their normal distance. This meet will be held on a date TBD.

-   All Star Relays:  This is the same relay as the Relay Carnival, made up of the teams that placed first in their respective divisions. This meet will be held on July 29.

-   Individual All Stars:  This is an invitational meet for the 16 fastest swimmers in each event from the entire MCSL. This meet is scheduled for July 30.


PASL/Wednesday Evening B Meets

The PASL was organized to provide an opportunity for all swimmers on teams to compete in organized meets.  There are five dual meets in the PASL, all held on Wednesday evenings, as well as a B Relay Carnival on Tuesday, July 18 (rain date: July 19).   

PASL/B Important Information

--See the calendar on the webpage during the season for further information or changes in the schedule. 

--PASL meets are on Wednesday evenings, but are occasionally rescheduled due to thunderstorms.   When possible, the meet is either held following the storm, or continued on Thursday evening.

--For home B meets, swimmers should arrive at the pool ready for warm-ups at 5:30 PM.  For away B meets, as with MCSL, swimmers and officials are encouraged to meet at Potomac in the parking lot at a time to be announced by the coaches, for driving to the away pool.  

Most swimmers on the Potomac Swim Team are eligible to participate in both the MCSL/A and PASL/B meets. The exception to that rule is that each team's fastest A meet swimmers are generally not permitted to swim their best events in a B meet.  Please check with a coach if you want more details about PASL swimmer eligibility rules.

Eligible swimmers may enter 4 individual events, as well as the Individual Medley.  In order that every eligible swimmer may swim, there are often several heats for each event at the B meets, and therefore the meets tend to last longer than the A meets.  Each week, those swimmers that want to compete at the upcoming B meet on Wednesday evening must sign up for their events no later than Monday, two days prior to the meet.  Please note that it is the swimmer's responsibility to sign up, not the coaches. 

PASL/B Relay Carnival Eligibility: 

The philosophy of the B Relay Carnival is that the swimmers should have fun and that as many eligible children as possible should swim. 

1. Coaches should use only PASL/B meet eligible swimmers and should fill teams first with those who did not swim in the A Relay Carnival.  In addition, the top, and second overall point scorer in each age group is ineligible to swim in the B Relay Carnival. 

2. A PASL swimmer may swim up (i.e., in an older age group) in order to complete a team. 

3. A club should not field a team in a particular event rather than swim an ineligible swimmer.