Meet Volunteer Requirements


Parent involvement is essential to making our swim team run smoothly.  Parents are expected to help with both the swim meets and the social events that take place over the summer. 

The summer swim season runs from Memorial Day to the end of July, and while the duration is not that long, preparing for a successful season requires year round efforts by a number of parents.  It is critical that all parents lend support to the team during the June-July period. 


All parents are required to volunteer in at least three (3) meets for their first swimmer and one (1) additional meet for every additional swimmer on the team.  For example, a family with 3 swimmers must volunteer to help with at least 5 meets.

Please be generous with your time.  We must have the minimum number of volunteers to run the meets.  Please look at your calendar at the beginning of the summer and sign up online in advance to reserve the most convenient dates for your schedule. If you find that you are unable to be available for the time(s) for which you have committed, you are responsible for finding another swim parent to substitute for you.  

It takes about 20 parents from each team (40 in total) to run a meet, with the various responsibilities shown below:

Team Representatives-2 

Certified Referee-1

Certified Starter-1

Certified Stroke and Turn Judges – 2

Takeoff Judges - 2

Automation (requires training) -2

Head Timer-1

Assistant Head Timer-1

Announcer-1    (for A meets)

Clerks of Course-2


Ribbons -1 or 2


Hospitality/Food - 2

Time trials require even more volunteers since there is no opposing team to share the workload.  Time trials is a great time to try new volunteer jobs.

Team reps cannot run the meets without all of the volunteer positions filled.  To volunteer to help with the meets, sign in on the team website, click on the tab for “Event Sign Up” scroll down to the meet, click on “Job Signup” and sign up for the job you want to do.  Signing up well in advance is the best way to guarantee that you reserve dates that work with your schedule.

New swim parents should not hesitate to volunteer for swim meets.  Good positions for new parents are timing, running, and ribbon writing positions.  Those jobs require no advance training and are easy to learn. 

Get Certified/Trained - HELP NEEDED!

We need parents to become certified as stroke and turn judges, referees and starters and to learn how to run the automation. So, please consider participating in the training required to help in those positions.  The more certified officials the team has to draw on, the easier it is to staff our meets.  Please see the “Officials Clinics” tab for information on this year’s certification classes.  For more information, contact Melissa Zettler ([email protected]).

Automation Team - HELP NEEDED!

This group is responsible for maintaining the software and database used for running all A and B meets, the official team roster and records. They assist the coaches on data input, and manage the computer input during the meet to provide scoring and results on a real-time basis. We have a large need for help in this areas, so please let any of the representatives know if you are willing to assist in these positions.