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Suits & Spirit Wear

Swim Team Apparel 2019


Team Spirit Wear

A variety of Tanterra Tarpon logo clothing and accessories will be made available for purchase throughout the season.  Pictures of some typical apparel are available below.  The order form is available on the forms page.

If a swimmer chooses to wear a cap, ONLY Tanterra swim caps can be worn at all swim meets. No other caps will be allowed.

Team Suits

Team members are encouraged, but are not required, to wear the team suit.   Most team members elect to do so. If you own the team suit, you should wear it for all competitions.

Swimmers should bring swim caps, goggles, towels, and racing style suits to all practices, and have team suits, if owned, at all meets.

Water or sports drinks should be brought to practice as well. The team provides kickboards and other training equipment for use during practice. We suggest the use of sun block throughout the season.


The Tarpon Team Suit for the 2019-2020 season is:

Speedo Modern Matrix in red.