Unlike other sports, swim meets are run by volunteers

(about 35 for each home meet, 17 for each away meet). 

 Each family must Volunteer for at least five (5) meets during the season. 

Sign up using the website tool under the "Volunteer" tab. 

If you have any questions, please contact a team rep.


Announcer – work during meets announcing events. (1 person per meet)

Automation/Computer Operator – create meet line-up, input swimmers’ times into Meet Manager software during the meets, print meet results for posting during the meet, produce disks for both teams and the League. (1 person per meet) 

Automation/Verifier – work with Computer Operator to ensure accuracy of swimmer’s times as they are input into Meet Manager software. (1 person per meet)

Clerk of Course - work during meets to control flow of swimmers to Clerk’s table, checks in the swimmers and tells them their lanes. (2 people per meet)

Head Timer/Asst. Head Timer – assist referee by coordinating the timers, provide a back-up watch for timers as needed. (1 person per meet)  See "Officials" under "Thunder" tab for Certification requirements
Meet Assistant – sell programs ½ hour before start of meet, post results during meet. (1 person per meet)
Parking - direct drivers to parking area during home meets. (1 person per meet)
Referee - Certified official responsible for compliance of swimmers and other officials during the meet. (1 person per meet)  See "Officials" under "Thunder" tab for Certification requirements 
Ribbon Writing - work during meets to affix labels to swimmers’ ribbons. (2 people per meet)
Runner - Deliver timecards after each event to automation. (1 person per meet)
Set-Up/Break-Down - set up pool area 1 hour before warm-up for home meets. Put up backstroke flags, set up lane ropes, arrange seating, set up Clerk of Course area. Clean up and restore pool area at the conclusion of home meets. Put away lane ropes, backstroke flags, rearrange tables and chairs. Help clean up food service area. (3-4 people per meet)
Snack Bar - work before and during meets to set up and sell food items for the Thunder Café, and takedown café at end of the meet. (3-5 people per meet)
Sno-Cone Sales - sell snow cones at home meet, set-up and clean up. (1 person per meet)
Starter - Certified official responsible for ensuring fair starts by swimmers. (1 person per meet)
               See "Officials" under "Thunder" tab for Certification requirements 
Stroke and Turn Judge - Certified official responsible for ensuring event rules are observed. (2 people per meet)
              See "Officials" under "Thunder" tab for Certification requirements
Timer - work during meets operating a stopwatch as one of three timers per lane. (9 people per meet)
Vendor Coordinator/Shoppers – assist Café Manager with picking up food donations from local merchants and deliver to pool before the start of a home meet. (2 people per meet)