SSL Hours

Calling all Thunder Middle and High School Students!!

Do you need SSL hours?


Waters Landing Thunder offers SSL hours through MCSL for the following duties:

  • Set up and take down the necessary furniture and equipment around the pool deck before and after each meet.
  • Assist the coaches with teaching pre-team swimmers the required strokes to qualify for the actual team.
  • Set up and take down the lane ropes and flag poles before and after each practice.


Eligibility rules for SSL hours at Meets:  All volunteers MUST sign up BEFORE the event with Lydia Fraser.  Anyone who just “shows up” will not be eligible for SSL hours.  The volunteer must check in upon arrival with Lydia.  SSL hour forms will be signed at the end of the season for the total hours volunteered.


NOTE:  While we assume that we will all have fun during these activities, we expect our SSL hour volunteers to perform the task they have signed up for with pride and responsibility.


If you are interested in receiving SSL hours this season, please contact Lydia Fraser at