MCST Partners
Job Descriptions




HOME Meets: (Jobs that fulfill one job credit)

  • Set-Up and Take-Down

  • Timer/Recorder*

  • Hospitality

  • Ribbon Labeler

  • Reliever

*Timing and recording jobs for New Swimmer Meet are reserved for new families and families of those entered in the meet. Timing and recording jobs for the 8 and Under Invitational meet will be reserved only for those families with swimmer(s) entered that day. Only one job per family will be allowed at these meets.*


AWAY Meets: (Jobs that fulfill one job credit)

  • Timer/Recorder

  • Ribbon Labeler

  • Reliever

SEASON JOBS (Jobs that fulfill the Season Job requirement)

(Detailed descriptions below)

  • Computer Committee (Chair, Website Meet Entry, Technical On-Deck Computer Entry, Sorter/Checker, Data Caller, Meet Entry Print & Post)*

  • Starter*

  • Head Timer*

  • Meet Whistle Referee*

  • Meet Announcer*

  • Stroke & Turn Judge(s)

  • Snack Bar Crew: 1 Buyer, 1 On-Deck Lead, 5 workers*

  • Shepherd Committee: 1 Coordinator/Head Shepherd, 7 shepherds

  • Apparel & Product Sales Committee: 1 Coordinator, 2 workers*

  • Awards Coordinator

  • Swimmer’s Challenge Coordinator

  • Rigatoni Dinner/Age Group Basket Coordinator

  • Team Photographer

  • Season Wrap-Up Show/ Rigantoni Night video

  • Publicity & League Program Advertising

  • Social Coordinator

  • Volunteer Coordinators: 1 computer entry, 1 on deck

  • Meet Director

*Home Meets only

Non-Meet Jobs:

  • Photo Day Coordinator (1 job credit)

  • Rigatoni Night Volunteer (1 job credit)

  • Awards Night Volunteer (1 job credit)

  • Breakfast Coordinator (3 job credits)

  • Breakfast Volunteer (1 job credit)

  • Coach Appreciation Week (3 job credits)


Swim Meet Jobs

Set-Up (home meets only): This job requires you being at the pool at 7:00 a.m. for a Saturday Meet, and 4:30 p.m. for a Wednesday Night Meet

  • Set-up chairs for timers and recorders, tables for coaches, computer team, rope off areas of pool and diving board with caution tape, put up E-Z ups (Saturday meets only) over timers and computer desk, and post sponsor banners on fence around kiddie pool.

  • Set out garbage cans around pool and near snack bar.

  • Picks up litter and trash during meets


Take-Down (home meets only): This job begins 15 minutes before the end of swim meet. Take down requires all workers to stay after the meet until ALL equipment has been put away and all garbage cans emptied and complete with new bags.

  • Put away chairs, tables, E-Z ups, and sponsor banners.

  • Remove caution tape from roped off areas.

  • Check lawns and pool deck for excess litter.

  • Tie garbage bags and throw garbage into dumpster in parking lot behind Snack Bar.

  • Put new garbage bags into all cans, and put cans into garbage can storage area.

  • Check the bathrooms, clean up excess paper and wipe down the counters.

  • Picks up litter and trash during meets


Timer: Using the dolphin timer remote, hit the plunger as soon as the swimmer touches the wall. Timer with a stop watch will report time to Recorder.

Recorder: Accurately record swimmer name and times recited to you by the timer on lane slips during swim meet. If all stop watches are used, record all 3 times provided by each timer. The final time recorded is the middle of three clocked times. If only two times are clocked, the average of the 2 times is the final time. If two of the three clocked times are identical, that is the final time recorded.

Hospitality: Responsible for getting the orange cooler from the Storage Room, filling it with ice and water, filling cups, and serving water to the volunteers, including: the volunteers at the computer table, the starter, stroke and turn officials, referee, timers and recorders, and coaches (MCST & visiting coaches.) Hospitality works throughout the meet passing out water every hour. Hospitality also visits the opposing team’s coaching staff table to offer snacks and meals.

Ribbon Labeler: Responsible for labeling ribbons at Home and Away meets and filing them in family files. At Away Meets, this person is responsible for bringing home the ribbon box and returning it to the pool the next day.

Reliever: Responsible for relieving MCST timers or recorders for 15-minute breaks during a meet and must be available for the entire meet. Each family can only sign-up for this assignment once during the season.



Jobs that fulfill the Season Job requirement.

All Board Positions

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Membership Director

  • League Representative

  • Past President

Computer Committee Chair

  • Oversees scheduling of the various on deck computer positions for each home meet including New Swimmer and 8 & Under Invitational meets.

  • Responsible for the on deck training of Timers and Recorders.

  • Responsible for the upkeep of team computer equipment and software.

  • Prepare and submit summary Fee Sheet. Submit to League Rep/President/Coach for approval and delivery with team payment for meet entries. Coordinate with League Rep/President/Coach if meet entries are to be delivered electronically or by hand.

Website Meet Entry

  • Imports Swimmer Entries from Head Coach & oversees preparation of electronic entries for all meets into Meet Manager.

  • Commits swimmers and updates times before entries are complete in Team Unify before entries are ready for a meet.

  • Home Meets: Responsible for providing the visiting Team the Meet Event File and a Team Roster for preparation of their team’s meet entries.

  • Create an event meet file in Meet Manager.

  • Email file to other team

  • Away Meets: Responsible for importing the meet entries for meet seeding .

  • Contact opposing team’s computer representative.

  • Import entries received from opposing team into Meet Manager.

  • Seed the meet in Meet Manager.

  • Post Meet – Home and Away

  • Responsible for supplying Meet Results file to visiting team Computer Representative.

  • Import meet results into Team Manager and send reports to: Coach, Awards Board, Website, Publicity, and League President.

  • Upload entry files and results files into Team Unify.



Technical Meet Management (Home Meets)

Computer - On Deck

  • Runs computer operations for the team at all home meets including setup and take down of the computer equipment, timing system and score board.

  • Download Dolphin times into Meet Manager or manually enter times from lane sheets when the opposing team does not have a Dolphin teams download.  Works all home meets including New Swimmer and 8 & Under Invitational meets.


Runner: Collect lane sheets from Recorders after each event, and collect disqualification “DQ” slips from Stroke & Turn judges & deliver them to the computer desk.

Sorter/ Checker: Sorts lane sheets and staples any applicable DQ slips to the corresponding lane sheet in preparation for On-Deck Data Entry.

Data Caller: Reads aloud swim time and/or DQ results to the On-Deck Data Entry person.

On-Deck Data Entry:

  • Check lane sheets for any swimmer changes and enter them in Meet Manager.

  • Enter swim times and any DQ‘s into Meet Manager.

  • Score the events and print results to be posted.

Ribbon Label Proofing/Printing:

  • Prepares data for printing labels by comparing entered swim times and lane sheets.

  • Prints and delivers labels to the Ribbon Labelers.

Meet Entry Print and Post:

  • Prints all lane sheets, meet programs, entries list and rosters for MCST and other team coaches, meet starter and computer table.

  • Posts event schedule at meets.

  • Prepares lane sheets with a pencil on clipboards for recorders.

  • Prepares Stroke and Turn Judges and Referee clipboards with event schedule/program and roster.


Starter: Responsible for announcing next events and starting races at two or more home meets. A loud, strong voice, and ability to speak into a microphone is a must. MUST attend training in May.

Whistle Referee: This referee calls the swimmers to the blocks by using a series of whistle blasts.  When the starter is ready to begin the race the referee blows a long whistle instructing the swimmers to place their feet on the blocks.  The starter then starts the race.  When the race is almost over the referee calls the next group of swimmers tot he blocks with the whistle.

Head Timer(s): Stays on deck during a meet near the Starter and in line with the lane timers. Maintains two additional stop watches for each race in case one of the lane timers doesn’t get an accurate time or needs a new stopwatch. Works two or more home meets and League Meet.

Stroke & Turn Judge: Judges MUST attend training in May. Volunteer is responsible for “judging” swimmers during races. Judges may work part or all of meets depending on the number of judges available for a meet.

Snack Bar Crew (1 Buyer, 1 On-Deck Lead, 5 workers): At beginning of season, Buyer conducts inventory of paper goods and cooking supplies to determine what is needed to prepare for the season. For all Home Meets, Buyer and On-Deck Lead work together to prepares a menu of food items with prices to be posted and sold at the pool, and Buyer purchases food in advance. On-Deck Lead oversees set-up, clean-up, and take down of Snack Bar at home meets, manages workers, and ensures food safety procedures are being carried out sufficiently. On-Deck Lead supplies hospitality with snacks, meals, and drinks for coaches from both Home and Visiting teams. At end of meet, On-Deck Lead secures cash drawer and oversees delivery of cash to Treasurer.

Snack Bar Crew Worker: Works a shift in the Snack Bar at a Home Meet. Assists with set up and clean up. This job requires that set-up volunteers be on deck 30 minutes prior to the beginning of warm-ups and clean up volunteers to stay after the meet, if needed. Closing and take-down begins 30 minutes before end of meet.

Head Shepherd: Responsible for recruiting and coordinating the shepherds for all meets.

Shepherd: Responsible for gathering all the 8 & under swimmers and getting them to their appropriate lanes before their scheduled event. Shepherds are identified by wearing a “Shepherd” apron and calling swimmers with the use of a cow bell. Training will be provided.

Apparel & Product Sales (1 lead and 2 workers): Responsible for ordering & selling all team products, e.g., goggles, goggle straps, swim caps, tattoos, and team wear (swimsuits, t-shirts, sweat suits, parkas). Have the products available for sale at all home meets; and will have some items (i.e., goggles and caps) available for sale at away meets.

Ribbons & Awards Coordinator: At the beginning of the season, set-up the Team’s Awards Board (near the coaches room), the “Star Board” (swimmers’ medal level), and take inventory of the remaining ribbons from the past season and place an order for ribbons based on need for current season including ribbons for 8&Under Invitational. Update and maintain the awards board weekly based on meet results, swimmers’ progress, and change pictures regularly. Responsible for ordering end of season medals (with head coach) and designing and printing individual swimmer certificates of achievement presented to swimmers at Awards Night. Coordinates volunteers to help with Awards Night. Stocks ribbon drawer for home meets, greets ribbon labelers and provides training for ribbon labelers. Responsible for taking family files to Away meets and delegating a ribbon labeler to return the family files to the pool on the next day of practice.


Swimmers’ Challenge Coordinator: Responsible for updating and photocopying swimmers’ challenge paperwork to be distributed to all families via Family Files at the beginning of the season.  E-mail paperwork to Website Administrator for posting on the team website. Responsible for collecting all monies and ordering appropriate prizes. Deadline for money collection is a date set by the Board.

Rigatoni Dinner/Age Group Basket Coordinator: Prepare and distribute flyer for the event, via family files and team website, set price, collects reservations, and payment for the dinner. Responsible for purchasing the food, plates, cups, and silverware Oversees set-up, food, beverages, serving, and clean-up of kitchen facilities. Coordinate the Rigatoni Night Volunteers. Responsible for securing an age group basket coordinator for each age-group (e.g. 6 & under boys), and overseeing that each coordinator puts together an age-group basket for Rigatoni Night Raffle. Also responsible for setting up baskets for display at Rigatoni Night, purchasing raffle tickets and providing containers for each item and clean up after the event.

Team Photographer: Take pictures of the swimmers during the season. Venues should include meets, individual shots, team trips, and team activities. Take photos of Swimmer of the Week/Swimmer of the Meet (coordinate with Coach Keelan to schedule this). Digital camera required. Stand out digital photos should be e-mailed to website administrator for posting on the team website. It is the photographer’s responsibility to make sure that at least 2-3 pictures are taken of every swimmer. You may obtain a roster from the Membership Director.

Season Wrap-Up Show & Rigatoni Video: 15 minute DVD presentation of swimmers set to music, presented at Awards Night. This video must include pictures of all swimmers taken throughout the season (supplied by the team photographer). There should be a minimum of 2-3 photos of every swimmer; you can obtain a roster from the Membership Director. Must have or be able to obtain the necessary video equipment, screen, etc. and will run the presentation at Awards Night. Coordinates reproduction and sales of DVD of combined Rigatoni Night videos and End of Season video.

Publicity & League Program Advertising: Responsible for liaison with local newspapers (Gazette, CC Times) to advertise team events (e.g. Registration, Fundraising) and news about team results on a regular/ weekly basis. Need to work with the Team Photographer to obtain pictures for news articles, and with the Computer Coordinator(s) for meet results.  Responsible for preparing the program that can be purchased at League Meet. Creates and distributes fliers to sell ad space into family files. Creates a poster with samples portraying ad size and examples from past league programs. Coordinates all ad sales, ad prep, and positioning in lay-outs, producing camera-ready pages adhering to League deadlines. E-mail flyer to website administrator for positing on the team website.

Social Coordinator: Coordinates team activities. Dates of activities should be scheduled in collaboration with Coach Keelan.

Volunteer Coordinators (2): Computer worker: Prepares website for families to sign-up for jobs, coordinates sign-up for season jobs. On-Deck worker checks-in all volunteers at each swim meets, invitationals and league meet, verifies families have fulfilled their jobs at meets and for the season. Communicates with Head Coach and team president when job obligations are not being met.

Meet Director: Volunteer is the “point of contact” for any questions that arise during a swim meet. Responsible for making sure meet is ready to start on time, work with computer team, shepherds, starters, set up, clean up, coaches and opposing teams to make sure everything is running smoothly and on schedule such as people are setting things up in the right places, communicates with other teams and lifeguards about ending times, etc. Sends bio to other teams.


Non-Meet Jobs                                                                                          

Photo Day Coordinator: Contact Andy Fuller of Photo 360 in February to schedule Team Photo Day and individual photo day. Follow-up with Andy around mid-May to let him know how many swimmers to expect. He will provide picture envelopes. Place the picture envelopes along with a picture day flyer in Family Files a week before picture day. Send a copy of picture day flyer to the website administrator for positing on team’s website. Details to include:

  • Request early set-up to be completely prepared to START photo shoot PROMPTLY at 7:00 AM

  • ALL swimmers must have a team suit in order to be in the team photo.

  • On Team and Individual Picture Days, have extra picture envelopes, and pens available for families to fill out forms.

  • On Team Picture Day, you will help with the line-up for the team photo (tallest to shortest

  • On Individual Picture Day, help the photographer get the kids lined up in an orderly line for individual photos.

Rigatoni Night Volunteer: Work on the evening of Rigatoni Night Dinner. Responsibilities may include: cooking, serving food and drinks, and clean-up.

Awards Night Volunteer: Volunteers must arrive 30 min prior to assist with setup of awards, assist Treasurer with distributing and signing out work deposit monies, selling or taking orders for end of season DVD, and help clean up after awards ceremony.

Breakfast Coordinator: Coordinates sign up and running of the Breakfast of Champions breakfast which is the day before and day of League Meet, and breakfast for Swimmer’s Challenge.  Includes creating age group food sign up, setting up tables/food, cleaning up tables/food and directing volunteers.


Breakfast Volunteer: Monitors table, helps with setup and/or take down.

Coach Appreciation Week: Gathers information from coaches about their favorite things (treats, restaurants, etc) and circulates that information to the families. Creates decorations and signups as needed for coach appreciation events, provides boxes or large bags to gather gifts and coordinates delivery to the coaches.