Volunteer Info

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP:  Each family is required to work a minimum of 7 REGULAR SEASON shifts (no more than 2 per meet), no exceptions!  If you are not able to volunteer your time, this is not the team for you!  You can find the volunteer job descriptions below, and determine the kind of job that you would like to work. 

How do parents sign-up to be a volunteer?

Sign-ups for volunteering open up prior to the Social Events and Swim Meets once the season starts.  You will receive an email about a week before and it is important to check both your email and the website.  Sign-ups for volunteering is pretty self-explanatory once the events are open on the website and available to look at.  It is first come, first serve.  

 Volunteer Description (Printable version)


Set-up team meets on Friday night AND Saturday morning.

Friday night: set-up backstroke flags, chairs & ropes, heating areas, tables and the concession stand.  

Saturday morning: Finish set up of heating area, tents and concessions.  Also, when set up is complete, parking supervision until 10 minutes the start of the meet.


Officiate during the swim meet (includes: Starter, Meet Referee, Stoke&Turn Judges, DQ Coordinator and DQ Scribe).  THIS JOB REQUIRES SPECIAL TRAINING PROVIDED BY THE LEAGUE.  If you were a swimmer as a child or have the knack for rules and being a leader, this might be the job for you.


Work timing device (and/or stop watch) in an assigned lane during the swim meet.  You will get some sun and you might get a little wet - but on those hot days, it feels great.  Great place to watch all the races!  Training provided.


After each race you walk (not run - not sure why they call it running) the cards from each lane in each heat to the Scoring area and then you walk back to the blocks to collect the next set of cards.  You will also assist in communications between Starter, Clerk of Course and the Scoring table when needed.  If you hate just sitting around - put your pedometer on and get some exercise! 


Working with the computer, organize the cards, and sometimes use a calculator to determine the results for each of the events and the overall meet.  This is a sit down, in the shade job that requires just a little bit of training.  No worries - we'll train you!

Heating Area Helper

Line up swimmers in chairs behind the lanes.  Make sure swimmers are in the right lanes for their race (must like working with little kids.  This is very important volunteer position for the younger swimmers - the older swimmers usually know the routine). 


Assist in selling food and drinks during the meets.  Also helps in set-up and clean-up of the concession stand.  1st shifts start earlier than most - at 7:00am so we can sell hot coffee to all our parents!

Concession Food Prep

Assist in food preparation before the meet (Friday night & Saturday morning).  This would be a fairly large quantity of food - not a small bowls or just a dozen cookies.  Food supplies are reimbursed with receipts. 

Concession Drivers

Saturday morning food pick-up to be delivered to the pool by 6:45 am.  Also need to make a mid-meet store run for needed supplies or food.  Time for mid meet delivery varies per meet - must be available and flexible. 


Keep our Volunteers Hydrated and happy during the course of the meet.  Pass out Cold water bottles an treats to volunteers every 1/2 hour and help the concession stand as needed during your shift. 


This position is perfect for the parents that have smaller children to watch over during the Home Meets.  Each hour you would be responsible for checking on the paper supplies and functionality of each bathroom and empty the 4 trash cans around the pool deck when needed.  Not glamorous but extremely helpful and flexible. 

Clean-Up Crew

This position is perfect for the Older swimmers that don’t have their parents helping with their volunteer requirements as well as families that have little ones  and need to watch them during the meet. (We have lots of older kids to help watch over your kids while you help us get everything picked up, put away and ready for the Chapparal Community to enjoy.

Starter Assistant

Assist starter with reset button between heats.  Starter will provide instruction and support.  This is a great poolside view of every race.