Info Letter

Volunteering with the Dam West Dolphins


Swim team may well be one of the most volunteer intensive sports. In many sports parents are asked to sit quietly by the sidelines. With 5 dual swim meets, preliminaries, championships, and an All-Stars meet we need every family to volunteer in some capacity at all of the meets and team events.
We, as a team, are required to provide a certain amount of volunteers at every meet in a variety of positions. Volunteering positions range from checking kids in at the start of every meet to running concessions at our home meets, to handling the computer scoring or timing and even becoming a Stroke & Turn judge. We require every family to volunteer for at least one position at each meet so that the burden of running a swim meet doesn't just fall to a few.
That said, we do understand that certain families may have issues or time/work constraints that may limit their participation. There are many ways outside of the meets that these families can contribute to the team. If for some reason you are unable to volunteer at the meets then we ask that you contact our volunteer coordinators to let them know.
You can sign up for each meet on our website by accessing the "Meets/Events" tab, choosing the meet you will be attending, and accessing the "Job Signup" tab under that heading.   (See our "Volunteer Positions: Descriptions" link under the "Volunteers" tab for details on each job.)
Dam West Dolphins is exceptionally proud of the fact that our volunteers have always generously given their time and experience freely to support their children and the team. We are also very proud to say that due to the dedication of our volunteers our home meets are smoothly run and we have a reputation of hospitality and friendliness among the other teams.
Being a volunteer on our team may seem like extra work, but it is a wonderful way to be involved in your children's lives and development. Our parents find they enjoy the camaraderie of the team's families and have made lasting friendships with them as well as with the families from visiting teams. Many families, with multiple swimmers, have been with the team for years.
Our team is a wonderful community of swimmers and their families. We hope that you and your whole family truly enjoy the experience.