This is the last meet of our division for the summer season.  At this meet all 6 teams in our division compete against each other for the Division B Title. 

In order to participate swimmers from each team must swim at the Prelim meets. The top 16 in each event will compete for medals and ribbons.



After our teams have participated in their dual meets all the teams in our division meet over a period of 2 days. 

Only individual events run on these days (no relays!) so the meets go very quickly. 

To qualify to participate in a swimmer’s individual events at Championships they are REQUIRED to swim their event at Prelims.

We are very proud of the fact that over 95% of our swimmers usually swim at Prelims and about the same percentage of those swimming qualify for Championships in one of more of their events.  Our expectation is that every swimmer participates at Prelims.  Please DO NOT underestimate your child’s chances of making it to Championships, even if your swimmer has just started summer swim team this year.  Every year we have parents tell us how surprised they were that their child made it.


If a swimmer cannot participate in Prelims or does not make the top 16 in their event they CAN still swim at Championships in the team relays

This is the one event where all the swimmers pull together as a team to help the Dolphins win our Division Championship.  We have been fortunate to have dedicated swimmers each year who, although they could not make Prelims, came to Championships just to swim with their fellow teammates on relays.  

Championships are usually very close and having all our kids there to participate in relays can make a difference. One year, our team won the Division Championship by 1 point!  Because of relays!!!  Relays have made a huge difference in our last two Championship wins.

Please make sure to sign your swimmers up for Prelims!