Volunteer Positions: Descriptions

 Volunteer Position Descriptions



These positions occur at home and/or away swim meets.  Not every position is required at every meet.  Away Meet positions will vary depending on the request and needs of the Away Team.


Please note: 

         Shift 1 typically runs from Event 1 through Event 45.

         Shift 2 typically runs from Event 46 through Event 90

         Actual shift change may vary at away pools.  Please listen to the Announcer
         for shift changes.


Any help with breaking down and cleaning up after a meet
is always greatly appreciated.


Announces First/Last call for events and other general announcements as needed throughout the day.

At Large Volunteer

This is for the person that says "Put me where you need me" and does not require a specific position or shift.  Upon arrival, please see volunteer coordinators to see where they have assigned you.

Bring Tents to Meet

Pick up 2 large tents from the pool area on Friday night.  Get them to the meet on Saturday morning.  Then bring them back to the DW pool on Saturday afternoon.  Tents are large and will require a minivan or SUV type vehicle.  Coaches &/or lifeguards can help you load and unload them.

Concessions: Shift 1

Upon arrival, help with setting up the concession tables.  Everything will already be there, just need to organize everything on the table. 

Concessions: Shift 2

Upon conclusion of the meet, will help to put everything back into the appropriate bins and break down the tables.  General clean-up of the concession area. 

Friday Night Pool Set Up

Help set up tables, chairs, heating area, concession stand, signage, starting blocks, benches, flags, etc.  The more the merrier and the quicker it goes.

Friday Morning Donuts

Each volunteer needs to deliver 3 dozen donuts to the pool by 7:00 am.   They can be delivered to the table behind the starting blocks.

Grill Master

Sets up the grill and serves pancakes for breakfast and then hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch.  Cleans up the grill when finished.

Heating Area: Clerk of Course 

This person runs the Heating Area .

Heating Area:

       Shifts 1 & 2

Assist with checking swimmer's names, events and lanes and getting them seated in the proper order all the way to the starting blocks.

Meet Referee *

This is a certified position.  Must have Stroke & Turn experience to become a Meet Referee.

Monitor / Clean Up

Occasionally check both bathrooms near the pool as well as the bathrooms in the clubhouse.  Refill toilet paper and paper towels as needed.  Clean up any messes.  Do a final clean up after the meet.

Order of Finish Official

Visually determines the order of event finishes as back up to the timers.

Scoring Table: Meet Manager *

This is a certified position.  Sets up, records and runs home meets.

Scoring Table: Computer

Works directly with the Meet Manager as the file-writer.

Scoring Table: 

      Shifts 1 & 2


These people help out the Meet Manager.  They will visually confirm that swimmers are in the appropriate lanes for each heat.  They will run various errands, as needed, such as collecting time sheets and posting results.

Scribe *

Must have prior Scribe experience.  Listens for disqualifications (DQs) from the officials and writes out the slips. 

Starter *

This is a certified position.  Works closely with Meet Referee and Meet Manager.  Starts all events.

Stroke & Turn Judges *

This is a certified position.  Must attend a Stroke & Turn clinic and/or re-certify each year.  Check "Get Certified as a Stroke & Turn Judge" under the "Volunteers" tab for details.   This person judges swimmers for conformance with swimming rules of the current stroke. If a violation is seen they notify the Meet Referee of a possible disqualification (DQ).  Meet Referee makes final decision.

Swimmer Check-In

Must be in place at the entrance by the requested arrival time.   Check swimmers in as they arrive.  Double check that they are properly marked with their name and events.  Provide list to Coach before start of meet.

Timers: Shifts 1 & 2


Records swimmers’ time for a specific lane on a stop watch.  3 timers per lane.  We use the “Dolphin System” which automatically starts the timers so only need to hit “stop.”  There is a brief training before each meet .

Timer: Back-Up


Uses an “old fashioned” stop watch and provides back-up if any of the timers’ electronic timers malfunction.

Water Runner

Occasionally takes water cups around to the officials.