DQ Reasons


Reasons for Getting Disqualified (DQ’d)

If your swimmer gets disqualified, the coaches get a form from the meet official stating the swimmer’s name and reason for disqualification- this could take up to an hour after the race.  In most cases, the swimmer will also be notified from an official on deck.  Their time will not count, nor will they place in the overall results of that specific event.  It is not a big deal, but rather a learning experience, so please emphasize this with your swimmer should it happen.  Any 6 & under will not be disqualified, unless they choose to swim an 8 & under event.  If you see a ‘DQ’ by your swimmers event, pls come speak with their coach so you can understand the reason. 


Freestyle –

a.       Pushing off the bottom

b.      Not touching the wall during a turn

Backstroke –

a.       Turning over on stomach

b.      Shoulders past vertical- rolling too far to the side

c.       Using the lane rope to advance

d.      Pushing off the bottom

 Breaststroke –

a.       Not touching the wall with two hands simultaneously on both the turn and finish

b.      Turning on back

c.       Pushing off the bottom

d.      Pulling past hips with arms

e.      Alternating kick

f.        Not breathing every arm stroke

 Butterfly –

a.       Turning on back at any time during the race

b.      Not touching the wall with two hands simultaneously on both the turn and finish

c.       Arms not brought out of the water simultaneously

d.      Arms didn’t come out of the water on recovery (underwater recovery)

e.      Alternating kick, or scissor, or breaststroke kick

 Relays –

a.       Diving in before the swimmer has touched the wall

b.      Any stroke infraction mentioned above will disqualify the entire relay team