Volunteer Requirements




Parent participation is mandatory for a successful swim season.  Volunteer shift obligations for each family is set at 6 mandatory shifts for the season to be worked at the 5 dual/regular season meets.  A shift is one half of one dual meet (1st shift is events 1-48 and 2nd shift is events 49-90).  You may buy out of your regular season shifts for $300.00.  If your child participates in any post-season meets (prelims, championships, and /or All-Stars), you will be required to work an additional shift at each meet to cover the team’s obligation to the entire division.  There will be no buy-out offered for post-season requirements).  If you have a child who swims, you are EXPECTED AND REQUIRED to complete your shift requirements.  For any shifts not completed by the end of the regular season, you will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per missed shift.  It is essential, with a small team like ours, that everyone pitch in to assist.  Volunteering not only allows us to have a team, but it is also a really fun way to see friends and neighbors and show support for your kids!  We encourage you to try something new and leave some of the easier positions to new families.  


SIGNING UP FOR VOLUNTEER SHIFTS IS ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.  You are also responsible for finding your own replacement if you are unable to work a scheduled volunteer shift.  If you are unable to find a replacement, contact the Volunteer Coordinator so that she can assist in finding a replacement.  The minimum age requirement for volunteering is 13 years old.