Volunteer Job Descriptions


Volunteer Positions

Heating Area:(Home and Away)

  • Clerk of Course* (Home Team)—Runs the heating area or “Bull Pen” and manages swimmers getting placed into correct heats for each event
  • Clerk of Course Assistance (Home and Away)—Line up swimmers in the heating area and take to correct blocks

Concessions: (Home Team)—Helps stock concession stand and serve customers.  First shift begins at 6:30am, and second shift workers must stay to assist with clean up of the concession area after the meet.

Runners: (Home and Away)—Walks time sheets from timers to scoring table.  Collect and deliver disqualification slips to coaches.  Assist in communications between the Starter, Clerk of Course, and Scoring Table.

Computer/Scoring Table* (Home and Away)

  • Computer—Run computer software at meets
  • Review Time Sheets—Review for mistakes
  • Results—Double check and post end results

DQ Scribe: (Home and Away)-- Sits behind the starter with a radio.  When a call comes in from stroke and turn judges this person records it in the log.  When the meet referee confirms the call, this person writes up a DQ slip and gives to scoring.

Order of Finish:  Stands at the end of the pool and records the order each lane finishes for each race.

Announcer  (Home Meets)—Announces all races and point totals throughout home meets. 

Timers (Home and Away)—Stand and use stopwatch to time swimmers for each race.

Starter* (Home Meets)—Starts each race after ensuring that swimmers are in proper positions.  

Stroke and Turn Officials* (Home and Away)—Judges swimmers on their strokes and disqualifies swimmers if they complete a stroke incorrectly.  

Meet Referee* (Home Meets)—Lead Official.  Watches over meet to ensure compliance with all rules; serves as meet arbitrator on all matters.  

*Training required for Clerk of Course, Stroke and Turn Officials, Starter, and Meet Referee.  As compensation for training, these positions are only required to complete 5 shifts.

Volunteer requirements are reduced by one shift if you refer new members to the Hills West Waves Family!