Volunteer Info


Aside from coaching, Castle Crocs and the Mountain Hi Swim League are run and organized completely by parents.  As a result, we cannot have a successful season without parent volunteers.  Our volunteer policy helps create a positive experience for our swimmers and their families.

Volunteer Policy: Each family is required to fulfill volunteer requirements in order for their swimmers to participate on our team. If your swimmer is competing in a meet, a family member or representative is required to volunteer and work half of that meet . Every family must complete a MINIMUM of two volunteer shifts per season (one first half and one second half shift). If your swimmer is not swimming in a meet, then you are not required to work at that meet.

Volunteer Deposit:  Each family will be required to place a $300 check deposit as a volunteer guarantee with the Castle Crocs.  This check will be held, uncashed, until the end of the season and will be returned in its entirety if all volunteer requirements are fulfilled. If any requirements are not met, the check will be cashed and used to hire individuals to fill your positions. 

Volunteer Jobs: To run a swim meet, it takes a lot of volunteers.  We understand that many parents do not have a swim background, so they may feel unsure about volunteering.  However, all parents, even those who weren't swimmers themselves, can learn to do ANY of the volunteer tasks.  Some of the most crucial positions require training.  If you are interested in becoming a stroke and turn judge, a starter for the meets, or a meet referee, PLEASE let us know and we will send you information on the FREE training that is provided by the Mountain Hi Swim League!   Click here for more information regarding many of the other volunteer roles.

Teen Helpers: If you know of any high school students looking for volunteer hours who are free a few Saturday mornings this summer, please send them our way and we’ll put them to work.  

Changes to Volunteer Status:  If there is a last minute change to your plans and your children will not be swimming at a meet (out of town, sick, conflict, etc.), PLEASE contact [email protected] as soon as possible to remove yourself from the volunteer schedule.

Questions: The Crocs Board and Parent Representatives are the parents’ main contacts with the team and league.  You can use the Contact Us link to reach us at any time or e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions.