Swim/Dive Meet Volunteer Requirements

With the exception of our awesome coaching staff, every hour of work that goes into our club is on a volunteer basis. To make our club work, hundreds of hours of volunteer time are needed, and all parents are required to volunteer.  Whether you love to run a stop-watch, sell concessions, or bake cookies, we can find a job for you.  Signing up to help is easier now than it ever has been.  When you register your kiddos for a meet - simply click on the "Job Sign-up" button and select a job.

To Sign Up,

1.  "Sign In" to our TeamUnify site.

2.  At the bottom of the home page are all the swim meets for the year.  Click on "Job Signup" next to the meet you want to work at.

3.  Check the box next to the job you want to work and click on "Sign Up" to save your job.

You will receive a reminder email two days before the meet.  You can make changes to your assignment online prior to receiving the email.  You are responsible for filling a spot you have signed up for.  If you are not able to volunteer for a spot you committed to, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

For any questions, contact our Registrar - Sue McDade (608) 516-9012


Volunteering for All-City Swim

MO is the host for the 2018 All-City Swim Meet.  If you are already registered for our team, you saw and agreed to our volunteer requirements - three (3) shifts PER PARENT during the week of All-City.  K

Click on THIS LINK to sign your family up to help!