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Dive Team FAQ's

How do I sign up for a dive meet?  

Talk to the coaches as you get closer to Friday' meet to let them know if you will or will not be participating in the meet.  On Friday, at practice you and the coaches will decide which dives you will perform and in which order.


What time do I need to be at the meet?  

For home meets, warm-ups are from 3p.m. - 4p.m.  At away meets warm-ups are from 4p.m. - 5p.m.   Dive meets start at 5p.m.


How long is a dive meet?  

It depends on how many divers are participating.  Meets against smaller teams are usually over around 7p.m.  Meets against larger teams may go as long at 8-8:30p.m.


How Many dives do I need to perform?  

It depends on your age as of June 1st of this year.

If you are 10 and under, 5 dives are required.

If you are 11 and older, 6 dives are required.


What is the order of events?

10 and Unders are the first to participate at the meet.  Girls go before the boys.  Then 11-12 year olds, followed by the 13-14 year olds.  Then 15 and older go last.  Sometimes age groups will be combined if there are smaller numbers to ensure that the meet moves quickly.


Do I need a team suit?

No you do not need a team suit however if you would like to purchase one you can do so at Simply Swimming.


How many meets do I need to participate in to be able to dive at the All City Meet?

In order to participate in the All City Dive Meet at the end of the season, you must have participated in at least 3 dual meets.


What should I bring to a dive meet?


At least 2 towels, one for after warm-ups and one for during/after the dive meet

Dry clothing.  If it is cold out, it is nice to have something warm to put on.

Water to stay hydrated

A snack if needed at away meets.  For home meets, a snack will be provided.


Do I have a volunteer commitment?

Each family is asked to volunteer at our meets.  A meet can not run without volunteers.  For more information about volunteer opportunities, please see the volunteer tab under Dive Team on TeamUnify.