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Swim Handbook

​Our team runs best when we're all swimming together. Please be sure to check out our handbook for all the information parents, swimmers and divers need.  The handbook can be found under the 'Documents' tab on Team Unify.

Getting & Staying Connected

We will be using e-mail for communication during the summer season. Please check our website often for news and announcements.  Also check out your team folder and the pool bulletin board on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do we have to be members to join the swim or dive team?
A.  Yes.  Please go to Seminole Pool & Tennis Association to read about the benefits of becoming a member.

Q.  What are the minimum requirements to join the swim team?
A.  The swimmer must be able to safely swim the length of the pool using a rhythmic breathing pattern without stopping.

Q.  If my young swimmer or diver is on the team, should he/she do lessons too?
A.  YES.  The swim & dive teams do not take the place of lessons.  For our youngest swimmers we strongly recommend swim lessons to help with stroke technique and to get more individualized attention.  Please go to Seminole Pool Swim Lessons for more information on lessons.

Q.  How many meets does my swimmer or diver have to compete in in order to be able to swim or dive in the All-City meets?
A.  Three (3).

Q.  What is the weather cancellation policy for swim & dive meets?
A.  Swim & dive meets are held rain or shine, through searing heat & bone-chilling cold.  Severe weather warnings, lightning and thunder will delay or possibly cancel a meet.

Q.  What's the deal with 26-1/2?

A.  For some reason (opinions vary as to why), Seminole pool is 26.5 meters long instead of the traditional 25 yards or 25 meters.  Nobody trains harder than Seminole swimmers!

Q.  How do I convert times from Seminole to the other standard lengths or from a 25 yard pool to a 25 meter pool?
A.  Use the following table of multipliers for times.  For example, to convert a time FROM Seminole TO a 25 meter pool you would multiply the time by 0.9298.  So, the pool record in the 15-18 boys "100+ meter" Freestyle of 57.92 s would be a 53.85 s time in a 25 meter pool, and a 42.27 s time in a 25 yard pool.


From \ To 25 yard 25 meter Seminole
25 yard - 1.116 1.2
25 meter 0.8961 - 1.076
Seminole 0.8331 0.9298 -