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Registration Hints

Online Registration Helpful Hints

1.         Click on “Online Registration” or "Start Registration".

2.         The Registration page will appear.  Please click on “Register Now” and follow the prompts. If you swim for a winter club and are new to Seminole you will need to register as a new member.

3.         Please fill out all the billing information, Guardians, etc. information. Returning Members, please make sure t-shirt size is accurate.  If your child size has changed since last year, please update accordingly.  

4.         To sign up an athlete click on “Add New Member” and fill out all the information.

o   Make sure to select a registration group, i.e. swim team, dive team, etc.  The “Select” button is to the right of this question. 

o   After the athlete information is filled in, click on “Add” to save the information. 

o   If you have another athlete go back up to the top of the page and click on “Add New Member”.  Continue this process until all your athletes have been added.

Very Important:  Please register all athletes at the same time.  

5.         Electronically sign the waivers and consents by clicking on the box at the bottom of the waiver and consent forms.

6.         The next page should be the “Registration Fees” page. 

Very Important:  Please double check to make sure all your athletes are on this page.  If you’re missing an athlete please click on “Add” which is located to the right of the “Registration Fees” title.  In addition, this system lumps all the fees into one grand total.  Please remember to write TWO separate checks as explained below.

7.         Proceed to checkout. 

8.         Submit order.

9.         A receipt will be generated and sent to your email. 

Please remember to write two checks out for the following (Both to Seminole Swim and Dive Booster Club): 

o   Team fees and the Booster fee are combined into one check. This is your 'Balance Owed' on your emailed invoice.  This check should be made out to: Seminole Swim and Dive Booster Club

o   If swimming, the volunteer check ($100) to Seminole Swim and Dive Booster Club.  This check  will be destroyed after you completed working volunteers shifts at the home meets.


Questions???  contact: Heidi Updegrove at