Visiting Team Information

Meet Instructions for the Visiting Team

Baxter Village Community Center Pool
3187 Colonel Springs Way, Fort Mill, SC 29708


From Interstate 77, take exit 85. Head north on Highway 160. Turn left onto Sutton Road. Turn right onto Founders Street. Make a right at the stop sign and a quick left onto Settlers Height Drive.


There is no access to the pool parking lot during meets. It is used as set up for swimmers. Street parking is available nearby the Community Center in any designated parking spots. Parking in front of the Community Center is prohibited, but swimmer drop off here is allowed. Please do not block private driveways. A walkway to the left of the Community Center will lead swimmers to the lower parking lot for set up.

Swimmer Staging and Seating area: 

We will stage ALL swimmers from both teams in the parking lot outside of the pool deck. We request visiting teams provide a team parent for supervision for each age group.

We encourage swimmers to stay at their tents as much as possible to make the team parents' job of lining them up for events much easier. If your swimmer is not present in the area when lining up, they risk missing their event. When swimmers are done with each event, they should return to the parking lot by way of the sidewalk next to the Community Center. 

Baxter has approximately 210 swimmers. There are 7 lanes so your team will need to provide 7 timers. We will use dive over starts for age groups 11-12 and up. Please instruct your swimmers to stay in the water at the end of their heats. One end of our pool does not meet the new requirements for dives so in-water starts will be used in some relays.

Spectator Seating: 

Parents may sit next to the pool's edge on either side, but must keep the walkway clear under the arbor area. Please use the sidewalk closest to the building for access to the parking lot area. There are minimal seats on the pool deck during meets and reasonable sized collapsible chairs are preferred.

Clerk of Course: 

The Assistant clerk of course for the home team will merge the line up of both team's swimmers at the sidewalk leading to the parking lot, starting at the lot. It is important for all swimmers to remain available in the parking lot area as much as possible to ensure line up proceeds smoothly. We will typically line up 8 merged heats in advance of the current heat. Please ensure your 2nd half Clerk of Course volunteer arrive 10 minutes early to facilitate transition to the second half of the meet.


There are facilities in the outbuilding (pool house) at the end of the pool and at the base of the community center. 

Inclement weather: 

Instructions will be disseminated via text message in the event of inclement weather.

Team Representative:

Megan Watson is our Team Representative and she will make herself available for any decisions about weather or other meet issues. Any questions about facilities should be directed to her.

Vendors and Food: 

Baxter will have food trucks available at all home meets. Cash and CC accepted at most trucks. 

Kiddie Pool and Playground:

The kiddie pool and exterior playground will be closed during meets. Please ensure kids stay out of these areas. 


We look forward to hosting your team!