Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policies

The Baxter Barracudas will follow the guidelines of the Baxter HOA's pool management company as well as the guidelines from the Greater Charlotte Swim League regarding inclement weather.

Baxter HOA Pool Management

The Baxter HOA uses US Aquatics of Charlotte, Inc. as their pool management company. They follow the American Red Cross guidelines in the event of inclement weather. You can find the guidelines here.

Greater Charlotte Swim League By-Laws

All teams shall report for scheduled meets regardless of the weather. Normally, only thunder will cause the delay or postponement of a meet (rain alone is not sufficient cause to delay or postpone a meet), unless conditions are deemed unsafe. A meet delayed prior to the start due to weather shall be delayed for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes prior to being called. The team representatives, with the assistance of the coaches, shall determine when the meet is to be rescheduled. Dual meets must be completed prior to the All-Star Meet. If a mutual date to make up the meet cannot be agreed to, the League President shall be called to make this decision. When a meet is postponed prior to the start, new heat sheets may be prepared for the rescheduled meet. It is the responsibility of the home team league representative to give all original heat sheets to the visiting team representative in preparation of new heat sheets for the postponed meet.

If a meet has already begun and is interrupted by weather conditions, a maximum 30 minute delay is allowed before the meet is called. The team representatives, with the assistance of the coaches, shall determine if the meet is to be postponed to a later date, or called complete at the point of delay. If all events/heats through the IM have been completed prior to the delay, the meet shall be considered complete and it will not be scheduled for later completion. In this situation, the team with the most points at the time of delay shall be the winning team. Also, if either team elects to concede a meet in the case of a weather delay at any point in the meet, it may be considered completed and will not be rescheduled. However, one team must concede the meet (there must be a winning team and a losing team), and points must be submitted.