Baxter Barracudas Swimmer and Parent Handbook 2018 Season

Hello and welcome to the Baxter Barracudas swim team!  Whether you are a new family or a returning one, we are happy to have you with us.  Please read through this handbook for information and tips for a happy and successful swim season.



The Baxter Barracudas is a very inclusive team and we like to have as many neighbors as we can!  The Greater Charlotte Swim League, however, does have a minimum requirement for swimmers that we abide by – your child must be able to swim the length of the pool (any stroke) in 1 minute and 30 seconds without touching the wall or the bottom.  We will host tryouts for NEW swimmers prior to signups to be certain they can meet this standard.  This is for the safety of all of our swimmers and the efficiency of our practices.  If you have missed the tryout or you have questions about your swimmer's eligibility, please email


Parent meeting:

There will be a parent meeting prior to registration.  Be sure to follow the team on Facebook (Baxter Barracudas Swim Team) and keep an eye on the Baxter Bulletin for meeting and sign up dates.  Please make every effort to attend this meeting, even if you have returning swimmers, as it will provide information all of us will need for the season.  Be sure at this meeting that you are signed up to receive text/email updates from our team.  Please see the information provided at the bottom on volunteer requirements.


Sign ups:

Signs ups will typically occur for the season in March.  You will login to Team Unify through the Baxter Barracudas website at  Registration is final and refunds will not be given, so be sure your swimmer is ready for the season when you sign up!  Your registration cost will include a team swim cap and a T-shirt.


Team suits:

There will be a few times for swimsuit fitting prior to the season.  Please make every effort to get to one of these fittings and purchase your suit.  All Baxter Barracudas do need the team swimsuit to compete at meets.  To extend the life of your swimmer's team suit, we recommend using an alternate suit or suits for practice and handwashing/hanging dry the team suit.  Click the green Team Info tab above, then Team Swimsuits for more information.



Practices will begin for the year in the beginning of May.  Practices will be held in the afternoon while school is in session, and in the mornings once school is out.  We will have afternoon practice offered after school is out, but our lanes and coaching staff will be severely limited – please make every effort to attend morning practice as this will be best for your swimmer.  SC weather being as unpredictable as it is, we often have a few days where the pool is too cold to hold practice.  We will follow USA Swimming guidelines for temperature (pool must be 77 degrees or warmer) and the coaches will make a call each day.  Your swimmer should report to practice at their assigned age group time.  They will need a one piece bathing suit for girls and a tight fitting suit for boys (jammers).  Goggles should be worn at practice and swim caps are highly encouraged.  We generally recommend saving team suits for meet use only.  Remember the sunscreen!  Coaches/junior coaches will run the practices and we discourage parents from interacting with your swimmer(s) during this time.  If you have questions for the head or assistant coaches, please speak with them through email. 


Practice meet:

We will host a practice meet with only our team swimmers at the pool prior to the start of the regular meet season.  The purpose of this meet is to acclimate everyone to how a meet runs and to obtain times for swimmers to use in seeding purposes.  Swimmers should wear team suits and caps and treat this like a normal meet!  It is especially important for new swimmers as this is their “practice run”.


Dual meets:

The Barracudas will compete in six dual swim meets over a period of approximately 3 weeks.  We encourage all swimmers to compete in as many of these meets as they can.  This season, we are trying to new system where you will declare for each meet on the website, letting the coaches know if your child will be there or not.  Please make sure this is done by the deadline as it allows for accurate meet seeding and relay team creation.  The head coaches will decide the events your swimmer(s) will be competing in and will create a heat sheet with the opposing team that should be available to us early on the day of the meet.  You should print a copy to have at the meet with you for reference as these are typically not available otherwise.

Please see the information provided at the bottom about what to bring to swim meets and how to mark your swimmer.

We will determine swimmer call time ahead of the meet date and you should plan on arriving at the pool BY this time.  We need this time to get our swimmers organized, make sure everyone is in the proper place on the heat sheets, get everyone marked, etc.  Please keep in mind that many away meets involve 30-40 minutes of travel and we are typically going in rush hour, so allow plenty of time.  We will try to inform you ahead of the food offerings at various meets, but it is always a good idea to pack some food for your swimmer(s) and other family members. 

When your swimmer(s) arrive at the meet, find their age group (typically we will be set up under tents) and get them settled.  You should mark your swimmer(s) with sharpie for their events – please do not leave this to the team parents as they have several things to do during this time.  They will stay with their age group and the team parents will get them lined up for events.  If you have a volunteer shift to report to, please check in with the volunteer coordinator or the head team parent.  Otherwise, you can get settled on deck to watch the meet.

Meets typically start at 6 pm and should be completed by 10 pm.  If inclement weather threatens, pay attention to the coaches/president’s directions and your text messages.  There may be delays for lightening/thunder and the meet may continue on afterward, so do not leave the meet unless directed to do so.

Swimmers may leave the meet with parents/guardians after their last event, but please be sure to check with their team parent before leaving as relay assignments can often change in the course of a meet.  Parents volunteering for second half shifts will need to stay until all events are completed.

Results for the meets will typically be available by email and on the website the day after the meet.  Awards are given to the top 4 swimmers in each event.  These are collected by the coaches during the season and will be distributed before the season ends for the year.


All Star Meet:

For swimmers who qualify – typically top 2 in each event and 1 relay team – the All Star Meet is held the first or second week of July (our date for 2018 is July 8 at 12 pm).  There will be additional practices held for All Star swimmers only after completion of the dual meet season, and parents who have swimmers at this meet will be required to volunteer in some capacity.


Parent and swimmer conduct:

All parents and swimmers are required to abide by the following conduct guidelines. These guidelines are in place to create a positive team culture who places our swimmers first. Attending practice or a meet presumes compliance with the following: 
  • Parents and swimmers are to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects self-control.
  • Respect should be shown for all swimmers, coaches, board members & spectators.
  • Parents and swimmers should be respectful by using appropriate language.
  • Per Baxter HOA guidelines and GSCL rules, there is to be no alcohol consumed at swim meets.
Non compliance to the above requests could result in disciplinary action up to/including removal from the team.


Volunteer Requirements

How to mark your swimmer for meets

Swim Meet Checklist