Palomar Hills Pool Membership

Join the Palomar Hills Swimming Pool

Palomar Hills welcomes swimmers from Fayette and the surrounding counties. An additional benefit to non-residents of Palomar is the opportunity to join the swimming pool and have fun every day with friends. Here are some of the details.

How do I join the pool?  Swim team families must complete the Pool Membership Application in the "Documents" (found in top navigation) and bring it to the Clubhouse with a check for payment.   Membership is for the pool only and does not include: guest passes, use of the tennis/basketball courts or clubhouse. 

Each household will be assigned a numerical code that is required upon check in with lifeguards when entering the pool facilities.  Additionally, every member of the family wishing to use the pools must have their picture taken at the Palomar Hills Clubhouse Monday-Friday between 1pm - 5pm, beginning March 23.

What is the cost to join?  The cost is $475 for families with children participating on the Piranhas Swim Team.

  • The deadline to join the pool is May 7, 2021.  Pool membership processing hours are Monday through Friday 1 pm – 5pm beginning April 12.
  • Checks should be made out to Palomar Hills Community Association (PHCA). 
  • The family and baby pools will open Memorial Day weekend. 
  • The Palomar Piranha's Swim Team will hold three swim meets this summer.  On those days, the family pool will close at 4PM. 
  • When not in use by members, the pools will close at 8PM at discretion of the lifeguards. 

Alcohol will be permitted with discretion, as long as residents and guests display a sense of civility.  Drunkenness will not be tolerated and one can be requested by the lifeguard in charge to peacefully leave the premises if they are disrupting others.  All coolers will be checked upon entering by the lifeguards; no glass bottle of any kind shall be allowed on the Palomar Hills premises.  Privileges may be revoked by the Palomar Hills Board of Directors for disrespectful acts, bad behavior, abuse of alcohol, foul language or any acts deemed inappropriate by the Board.