Volunteer Leads

2018 Season Volunteer Leads


The role of the lead is to help answer specific questions from volunteers about training/meet scheduling in each of the below volunteer areas as well as to field questions from the team on areas such as Registration, Lost and Found, Team Gear, Meet Entries, Ribbons, the Swimathon, etc.  Thank you to all of these people for taking on these important roles for our team! 

To sign up for your jobs, please go to the EVENT tab from February 21, 2018 - April 1, 2018. 


Lead Role Name E-mail Address
Head Age Group Coordinator Kathy Slaught
Computer Desk Meet Lead

Jon Kawamura

Computer - Meet Entries Liz Foley

Julie Richards
Team Gear

Laurie Aaronson

​Belinda Yan
Meet Break-down

Vivienne Maison-Neuve
Meet Set-up Mike Josephian
Registration Liz Foley

Dawniele Pasha

Jane Osterman
Snack Bar - Lead

Yoon Kee





Snack Bar - BBQ Lead

Russ Braun

Kristen Tiscareno

Swimathon Lead

Karen Atwell

Katie Delsol

Head Timer

Tasha/Jon Fitzgerald

Allison/Bob Morgan

Volunteer Coordinator Janina Pellumbi

Liz Foley