Champs/All Stars



What is Champs, when is it and who participates?

Champs is the last meet of the season, usually held in mid-July.  It is the Marin Swim League equivalent of the World Championships or the Olympics as ALL ten teams come together to participate in one big swim meet that is as much about team pride as it is about determining which team has the fastest swimmers in each event.  Maximizing participation in this meet is our team goal.  Points are awarded through 16th place for individual events and through 10th place for relays so the dynamics of this meet are very different from the dual meets.  Every swimmer is important to their team.  The competition at this meet is as much about the depth of each team’s swimming talent as it is about the commitment of the team. 

Swim team is about swimmers supporting their team mates with their presence, putting forward their best effort to inspire others on the team to do the same, commitment to practices, the pride that comes from giving back to the team, and sticking the season through to the end.  Trophies are given out to the teams that place first, second, or third…let’s bring home a trophy!!

To be eligible to swim in the Championship meet, a swimmer must have swum in at least three dual meets. There are, however, no qualifying times.  EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD SWIM IN THIS MEET!


Why go to Champs…if my child makes All-Stars, hasn’t s/he already proven s/he is a top swimmer?

Champs is about much more than who the individual top swimmers are.  It is about which team can come together at the end of the season and show they have the depth of swimming enthusiasm, talent and commitment to be the best TEAM.  To make an All-Star time is a huge accomplishment for any swimmer, but swimming in Champs is about showing you are part of a team and are proud of the collective efforts of the team.   No one needs to qualify for Champs. EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD SWIM IN THIS MEET!


How do teams win their places at Champs?

Points are awarded through 16th place for individual events (based on time) and through 10th place for relays (also based on time) so the dynamics of this meet are very different from the dual meets, where only the top 3 finishes score points.  Every swimmer is important to their team.  The competition is based on depth and breadth of the team as well as commitment.

Team trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place only. 


How are points awarded at Champs?

Individual Events

Relay Events

 1st Place                                     20 pts

 1st Place                                    40 pts

 2nd Place                                    17 pts

 2nd Place                                    34 pts

 3rd Place                                     16 pts

 3rd Place                                    32 pts

 4th Place                                     15 pts

 4th Place                                    30 pts

 5th Place                                     14 pts

 5th Place                                    28 pts

 6th Place                                     13 pts

 6th Place                                    26 pts

 7th Place                                     12 pts

 7th Place                                    24 pts

 8th Place                                     11 pts

 8th Place                                    22 pts

 9th Place                                       9 pts

 9th Place                                   18 pts

 10th Place                                           7 pts

 10th Place                                  14 pts

 11th Place                                     6 pts


 12th Place                                     5 pts


 13th Place                                     4 pts


 14th Place                                     3 pts


 15th Place                                     2 pts


 16th Place                                       1 pt



What is All-Stars, when is it and who participates?

The All-Stars meet is the reward for all swimmers who meet the qualifying times set by the league at the beginning of the season in any of the 5 individual events (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and Individual Medley).  Additionally each team enters a Mixed Medley Relay and a Mixed Free Relay for each age-group.  It is usually held the last or second to last Saturday in June.  Only those swimmers who swim a qualifying time in a DUAL meet before the All Star meet can participate.  All-Star caps are given to the swimmers who participate and of course, t-shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase.

Note on aging up:  If a swimmer’s birthday falls the week between the last dual meet before All Stars and the All-Star meet, he or she may swim in the age group for which he or she qualified.  For those swimmers who qualify and then age up before this last dual meet, they must, unfortunately qualify in the older age group to be eligible to swim in the All-Star meet.


Will my child be notified if my child qualifies for the All-Star meet?

It is rare that a child who qualifies for All-Stars is not aware of it immediately; however, the parents will be notified, usually 1-2 weeks before the All-Star meet, and asked to volunteer at the meet.  Every family of a qualifying swimmer must volunteer for their child to swim in the meet.