Social Events/Awards

Social Events/Awards


Are there social events during the season that will help my child feel like part of the team and get to know the other kids?

Yes!  The following events have become staples of the Tidalwaves program that the swimmers always look forward to.  Event dates for the current or upcoming season will be posted on the website as soon as they are scheduled.

  • New Parent Orientation (this one is for the parents, not the kids)

  • Pizza/Cheer Night

  • 4th of July Parade float

  • Bingo Night

  • 4th of July pool party!

  • Stinson Beach (dependent on volunteer to organize)

  • Pre-Champs Pasta Night

  • Awards Banquet

How do we sign up for these events?

Event sign-ups will be made available on the web-site and an e-mail with further details about the event will also be sent within a couple weeks of the event.


Is there an additional fee for events?

For some of the events there is a nominal fee to offset the cost of the food only.


What is the awards banquet?

The Awards Banquet is the end of the season celebration of all the swimmers’ efforts and accomplishments during the season. It is what all of the swimmers look forward to as they say goodbye to their coaches and swimming friends until next season.  A buffet dinner is available for all.  Each age group is brought up on stage for recognition as a group and trophies and ‘personality’ awards are handed out as the coaches get to recognize the ones they felt were most inspirational to their coaches and team through effort, enthusiasm, improvement, hard work and dedication-- as well as have some fun with the ones who well, stood out for a variety of other reasons…yes, we admit, this event can go a little long, but the kids love it!