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Articles for Swim Parents


All parents want what's best for their children.  So too, do the coaches.  Below are some articles, taken from News for Swim Parents published by The American Swimming Coaches Association intended specifically to help parents understand how best to support their child, their child's coaches, and their child's team, as they navigate their swimming, or more generally their youth athletic experience.  All are HIGHLY recommended for Tidalwaves' parents! 


The Roles of the Parent and the Coach
  Seven Habits of Saintly Swim Parents
  Working WITH the Coach
  What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes a Great One
  13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent, Part 1
  13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent, Part 2
  My Son's Favorite Sport is Soccer.  Isn't It?
  Questions Parents Don't Ask (the Coach)
Understanding the Development of a Swimmer
  Watching Your Child at Swim Lessons or Swim Practice
  Speaking Up to Grow Up
  The Nature of Stroke Work
  The Awesome 8 Year Old
  Where Should Fast Age Group Swimmers Train?
  Thoughts on Age Group Development
  Swim Parents Can Learn About the Developmental Process In Sports...And Respect It
  The Stroke Guru
  Kids and Sport
Understanding Swimming Technicalities
  Good Starts
  When Your Child Is Disqualified
Why Swimming Is the Best Activity for Your Kids!
  Another Reason to Love Having Your Child on the Swim Team