COVID Code of Conduct

COVID-19 Code of Conduct: Swimmer and Parent Agreement

As a member of the Lucas Valley Swim Team, I acknowledge that following COVID-19 rules of conduct is important to my health and safety, the health and safety of my  teammates,

Lucas Valley Swim Team staff and facility staff and the community reputation of my team during the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize that not acting in a proper way while engaged in team activities is harmful to myself and to my team and, prevents our team from moving forward as a team and business. Therefore, I (swimmer and parent) pledge, agree and commit to observe the following basic rules of conduct while participating in the activities and events of Lucas Valley Swim Team:

  • I agree and pledge to follow the mandated actions set forth in the Lucas Valley Swim Team COVID Exposure Scenarios.
  • I agree and pledge to stay home and not attend an activity or event of Lucas Valley Swim Team if I answer yes to any of the Daily Health Screening questions.
  • I agree and pledge to obey all lawful directions of adults with appropriate authority, promptly and respectfully.
  • I agree and pledge to keep all body parts to myself. No physical contact with others, like high fives or shaking hands.
  • I agree and pledge to social distance (6 feet apart) as best to my ability while at practices.
  • I agree and pledge to wear my suit to and from practice, bring my own water bottle and bring my own gear. Locker rooms, water fountains and shared gear will not be available.
  • I agree and pledge to come to practice on my designated day, arrive and depart at my designated time. If I arrive outside of those parameters, I will be asked to leave.
  • I (parent) agree and pledge to watch practices outside of the facility, wearing a facemask and staying 6 ft apart from other parents.
  • I pledge to wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after swim.

I understand that the consequences for violating this Lucas Valley Swim Team COVID -19 Code of Conduct:  Swimmer and Parent Agreement will lead to suspension or removal from the team.