Parent Guide

Welcome swimmers and parents to our exciting upcoming season !

Please use the information below to assist your planning and understanding of our expectations of team practices. Water safety and a positive experience are our main goals.

 1)     We have daily practices, M-F, 45 minutes for 8 and under group, 45 minutes for 9/10 year old group, and 60 minutes for 11 and older group. 

2)     Swimmers may, with coaches permission, depending on ability and experience, train with an older or younger age group.

3)     Swimmers may attend practice as often as they like, up to 5 x a week. The more you attend the better you will get. It is strongly encouraged to attend at least 3 x a week.

4)     Swim practice times are: 5:30-6:15 for 8 and unders, 6:15-7:00 for 9/10's, 7:00-8:00 for 11 and olders.

5)     It is important to be at practice ON TIME. Please plan on being at the pool at least 10 minutes before practice starts to get ready to jump in right on time. Swimmers, not parents, will be addressed if late. Parents can help support this at home.

6)     Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice. You are welcome to sit in the bleachers but please allow the coaches to coach. The coaches are often available for brief conversations before 5:30 and after 8:00 pm or by email anytime. Phone conversations can also be arranged. If you have an issue to discuss with the coach, please do not hesitate to reach out, just not during practice.

7)     Swimmers need to bring caps, goggles and fins to the pool deck. Caps are required for girls and any boys with longer hair. Please label fins with indelible marker.

8)     Have a backup pair of goggles/ cap in swim bag in case of gear failure.

9)     Goofing off or distractions from the team practice will not be tolerated. While we strive to keep practices active and fun, this is not 'play time'. Warnings will be issued once, physical exercises will be performed second to refocus the athlete and an invitation to leave practice will be issued third.

10)   Genuine effort to improve will be expected from all swimmers. Ample time exists within the practice schedule for social interaction and group skill games.

11)   Effort and improvement are recognized and valued on our team. Times are measured in workout and competition to measure the result of effort. Encouraging and inspiring teammates with words, actions and effort is taught as an ideal.

12)   Group instruction will be given with individualized correction as often as possible. Private lessons and clinic opportunities will be available on weekends in March/April. Swimmers who show effort and desire to improve will be given the most attention.

13)   Our pool workouts will consist of a brief warm-up set, drills, a pre-set and a main set. New swimmers will work on developing strong fundamentals.  We progress to more difficult strokes and drills when the swimmer has accomplished important basics of the 'crawl' or freestyle stroke. Kicking, swimming from the 'core', dives and turns will be emphasized. Aerobic development, body awareness and technique will be a focus early in the early season progressing to speed, power, stamina and racing in later phases.

14)   We will have 2 adult coaches on deck and one Jr. coach minimum per practice. We will have an additional Jr. coach for the 8 and under group. 2 Jr. coaches will be in the water in the shallow wing areas with our newer swimmers for safety and instruction.

15)   Our adult coaches are : Jeremy Engman, Laureen Welting and Marlon Woolf.