Snack Bar Guidelines

Snack Bar Donation Policy

Each family is required to contribute food to the snack bar for all HOME meets (there are 4 this season! 4/28, 5/8,  6/9 and 6/16).  This donation program allows Swimarin to raise revenue from all visiting teams and keep the annual fees for our team swimmers at their current level. Donations may include fresh food items that we are not able to store in advance.  Each family is assigned an item to donate. This list is posted mid week before the meet.  The Guidelines will tell you the specifics of how to prepare your donation.

Even if you will not be at the meet on that Saturday, we are counting on your item. Please arrange to get your donation to the pool. If a family fails to provide the goods assigned, a onetime penalty of $25 will be charged or a double donation will be assigned to that family for a future meet.  A family may opt out of the food donation program by paying a onetime “opt-out” of $100 for the season. Wednesday, April 25th is the last possible day for buyout.

Please contact Tanya Burdick if you have any questions about the Snack Bar Donations.

Assignments will be posted weekly.