Season Workout Plan

Waterdevils Season Workout Plan

This season, the Waterdevils are going to train according to a “spiral cycle”, blending technique, endurance, and speed.  This is a commonly used training schedule, originally developed by the University of Michigan and US National Team swim coach, John Urbanechek.  

Adapted for the Marin Swim League schedule, our season will consist of three cycles of six weeks each (the first cycle will focus on strength and endurance leading up to the aquathon, the second cycle will build speed and overall fitness, and final cycle will fine tune race skills).  Proper technique in all strokes, starts, and turns is a point of emphasis throughout the season.  Each time the cycle repeats, the workouts will become more intense, building up to our final dual meet against Lucas Valley.  We will then have a two-week “taper” period before the Championship Meet. 

This plan is designed for swimmers to improve over the course of the season.  Each part of the cycle is crucial to that goal.  Technique and endurance work are essential components for increasing speed.  Therefore, the swimmers who are able to attend the most practices throughout the season will likely receive the greatest benefit of the training schedule.
We hope that this information helps all swimmers better understand how the workouts are structured to help each swimmer meet their goals.