Open Volunteer Job Descriptions

Open Volunteer Positions and Job Description 

Many coordinator and key volunteer jobs start before the season begins or requires previous experience and/or training. These jobs are typically pre-filled, but do let us know if there is a role that you are interested in and would like to shadow.  Don’t be nervous to sign up for something you have never done before! Your Volunteer Lead Coordinator will work with you, get you up and running and... before you know it, you'll be an expert!  Please review the list below to see what interest you.

Go Serpents!

Please note that when signing up for a job on the website:

  • A ‘shift’ is shown as a ‘point’  or 1 point = 1 Shift
  • Swim Events Shift 1 = Pre Medley Relay through Backstroke (some times may vary)
  • Swim Events Shift 2 = Breaststroke through Free Relay (some times may vary)


SVSS Team Lead Coordinators: Open Positions

Lead Coordinator Each of these jobs fulfill 5 Shifts (points) unless noted otherwise.  Reminder to sign up for the 1 Timer Shift (point) too.

Lead Coordinators are responsible for communication with their volunteer team, training team as needed,

monitoring shift fulfillment, and leading day of event responsibilities

Dual Meet Equipment Break-Down Coordinator (Time Trials and Dual Home Meets)

- Home Meets only approximately a 1:00pm start - 2:30 pm end.  Lead to work with team volunteers   to help with storing Swim Team product and re-setting the pool deck.  SVSTC Staff to help too.

SVSS Kick-Off Party Co-Lead (April 27, 2018):

- Co-Lead with Lorena Espino to organize / plan Swim Team Kick Off Party on Friday, April 27th.  Work with Mark from SVSS Cafe to create a menu plan. Coordinate games/relays.  Set-up/Clean-up.

Snack Bar Lead Barista (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

- Run the league's best coffee bar!  Pick up pre-ordered coffee from Peet's morning of each Home meet.  Set up in Cafe and maintain as needed.  Return coffee containers after the meet.

High School Swimmer Social Lead (All Meets):

Acts as a liaison and social networking with the High School swimmers.  Provides swim event day of fun for the group.

Memorial Day Organizer (May 28, 2018):

- Responsible for organizing/purchasing of decorating items within budget to walk in the Memorial Day Parade on the morning of May 28th 8am-Noon. Decorate Car/Float .  Walk/Escort Sea Serpents in Memorial Day Parade.

Team Spirit Lead (All Meets + Pre-Champs):

- Organizes poster making activities & hang posters Friday night at our pool, take down on Saturday

 - Plans pre-Champ pool activities to get ready for the big day and create posters to display at Champs

Team Water Park Trip Organizer (June 18, 2018):

- Responsible for organizing / planning Raging Waters Trip Monday, June 18th 8am-5pm. Secure Raging Waters contract.  Secure transportation with bus/shuttle.  Escort approx (50) Sea Serpents to Raging Waters.  Arrange Lunch/Drink & Snacks for the day with the park.


Volunteer Jobs during Swim Meets:

Each of these fulfill 1 Shift (point)

8 & Under Line Up Assistant (Time Trials and All Dual Meets):

      -  Assists 8 & Under swimmers to blocks for freestyle through fly

SVSS Apparel Sales (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

      - Assist with Apparel set up or tear down and sell that Serpent gear!                                          

Desk Assistant (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

      - Assists with Computer desk activities, verifies all scoring, prior to posting 

Dolphin Timing Assistant (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

      -  Assists with managing the timing results per heat

Home Meet Breakdown Assistants (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

      - Helps Club staff break down, store swim gear and clean up after meet.

Floater (Time Trials and All Dual Meets):

      - Check in with Volunteer Lead Coordinator for surprise job of the day

Swimmer Relay Check-in (Time Trials and All Dual Meets):

      - Check in all relay swimmers prior to warm ups

Parking Attendant (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

       - Helps all meet attendees park in the right area.  Keeps the club and neighborhood happy!

Ribbon Coordinator (Time Trials and all Dual Meets):

      - Works desk poolside, labels ribbons, sorts by team/swimmer.

Runner (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

       - Works with the Computer/Desk team to gather swimmer's times to post.  Gathers DQ slips from judges

Snack Bar Assistant (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

      - Helps with food set up, serving and clean up depending on the shift

Snack Bar Cashier (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

       - Manages the cash flow for all snack bar purchases depending on the shift

Snack Bar Juice Girl Pick Up/Return (Time Trials and Home Dual Meets):

       - Pick up pre-ordered Smoothies, bring so SVSS Snack Bar and return containers after meet to JG

Timer (Time Trials and all Dual Meets):  All Families 

      - Works poolside, uses stopwatch to time event, writes down times.                                                 

       - One of the best swimmer viewing seat in the house!


Volunteer Jobs Non-Swim Meets:

(Each of these fulfill 1 shift unless noted otherwise)

Awards Banquet Assistant Sunday, July 1

      - Help with set up and clean up at the awards banquet

Root Beer Float Friday, June 8

      - Help with set up and clean up at the event

Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 28

      - Helps with Memorial Day Parade preparations

11 & Up Team Big Dog Surf Day Sunday, May 20

      - Extra chaperone on surf trip

Champs Spirit Day Friday, June 29

       - Help with this event of decorating cars, posters, nail painting, potentially boy buzz cuts

Serpent MSL Season Kick Off Party Assistant Friday, April 27

       - Help with shopping, set-up, clean up and organizing relays

Team Photo Day Worker Tuesday, June 19

        - Assists Photo day lead for the event

Team Trip Water Park assistant Monday, June 18

        - Assists with the Water Park day off fun